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Boogie Mats

on March 18, 2008 - 7:17am

Well not much new here, I got a Boogie Mat (for de'cat) which is a pad that you put catnip in and all my cats love it!
I've also been at the SPCA walking the dogs and socializing with the cats. I am still in love with Mystic and I wish I could adopt her! She was cuddling in my arms and purring so nicely yesterday!

I think I might be getting sick, my throat hurts..

I'm ready for some more Josh concerts.. c'mon Josh!!

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Still No Job :(

on March 13, 2008 - 6:59am

Well I didn't get the job. On top of that, I accidently put the wrong name in the thank you note- I feel SO embarrassed! Oh man! I feel absolutely terrible. I am so depressed. I have applied to so many jobs and I still haven't got one. I can't seem to do anything right! I mess up all the time. I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to be a graphic designer, anyway I sucked at it..

I'l try to force myself to go to the SPCA today and hug some animals and take my own dog for a walk. I got to get myself outside of this house or else I will wallow in despair.

I noticed it's been a year since I saw Josh at MSG- I can't believe it's been a year! Aw I wish he was coming over here again to perform. I need a pick me up!

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Kitty Litter in the Basement, Sims, Feeling like a Teen

on March 11, 2008 - 9:05am

Nothing too exciting going on. This morning I spent hours cleaning up the basement after the flood we had down there. It was not fun cleaning up around the cat boxes.. oh man! It was a wet, clay mess! Eek! I also Pine-solved about half of the basement and tried to get the excess water. I still haven't done the other half.

I am stuck in my Sims: Pet Stories again! I finally finished Alice's story, but in Stephen's story I can't get past this one part. It keeps saying I need to "put away" the groceries as a goal and I have put away the darn groceries and went to the store multiple times. I have tried having him leave it on the counter and waiting, putting it away automatically, etc. but nothing seems to work! I really don't want to reinstall Pet Stories again since I'm so far along on Stephen's story and I finished Alice's story, so I don't know what to do. I went to the website and searched and fond someone else had the same problem and I even talked to them on yahoo messenger and we couldn't find a solution. I am getting really aggravated.

Still no word on a job. I still have a few pimples to prove my stress in this process. I didn't even get pimples as a teenager- what's going on here?

My doctor said I should probably wait to get a job till I feel better mentally, but I have things I got to pay for- like my beloved car. At least I'm getting some baby-sitting money.

Speaking which, I feel like a teen again living at home with my parents and baby-sitting- exactly what I did ten years ago at age 16. *sigh*

I feel like my whole college, degree, engagement and job experience was like a dream or something and now I'm back to square one in my parents house! Where's the school bus- just sign me up for high school again.. geeze!

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Africa, Floods, Sims

on March 8, 2008 - 6:51pm

Bummer for the South African tour-what a mess!

I hope you get your refunds or you're able to reschedule, if not, go to Africa anyway- I am sure there is plenty to see, learn and discover. I would love to go to Africa someday.

Not much new.. it's been raining REALLY bad and we got a flood in our basement again- not good. Not fun. We got the pumps going but there seems to be more water coming in. All these floods in the basement are making me REMEMBER WHEN IT RAINED. The desert sounds really good at the moment...

I just got finished with the first story (Best in Show) from my Sims Pet Stories game and I've started the second story about the cat. I recommend it if you like sims and animals!

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Josh, Donny and Sims

on March 7, 2008 - 8:59am

Yay the Awake DVD will be coming out! Wonder what the fan-only edition will be all about. I can't wait to get my new Josh shirt and tote bag! This is will be my 4th Josh shirt... I have the shirt from last year, one from the Awake tour and the "I love Josh Groban shirt". Of course it's been freezing out so I usually only wear them when I'm working out. I'm still trying to understand my logic behind buying the "I love Josh Groban" t-shirt (yes I do love him, but it's a silly thing to wear). oh well.

I watched the 1998 movie version of Joseph and the Amazing Techinicolored Dreamcoat. Never saw it before so I ordered it on Netfix. It was pretty good. Not my favorite musical- and as for Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals it's below Phantom, Evita and Cats, but it was interesting. Might I add Donny Osmond looked pretty darn hot in it with the long hair and lack of shirt most of the time. I feel ashamed to say this since I'm 26 and Donny Osmand is old and my sis, who is 12 years older then me had a crush on him. I guess Donny was on broadway with Joseph a zillion times, too bad I didn't see it.

Still I find it disturbing for me to find him attractive since he's old. lol I'm not about to join the Donny fanclub if they still have one....

I've also been playing The Sims Pet Stories and it's good, It's hard to get a hang of since I haven't played the sims in a while but it's getting kind of fun once I get the hang of it. I'm on the first story and I have to get this dog trained to win a dog agility contest in order to save my house from being sold! All has been working out, though suddenly my stove doesn't work and it won't tell me what's wrong, the bubble is messed up, it might be a glitch. I even bought another stove and she still won't use it, so I have to make Alice eat non-cooked foods. I've also had the repair man over and the exterminator, don't know what's with the stove, why suddenly she won't use it. Oh well..

Have a good day!



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