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The Animal Rescue Site & GFC

on February 21, 2008 - 7:50am

Hello everyone! Not much new. I don't really know what to talk about for the moment so here it goes..

The Animal Rescue Site

As you notice on my siggy I like to promote since the money goes to help animal charities and their stuff is cool. (I also like to help GFC and I 'll get to that) They also have other charity things to help child literacy, breast cancer and all that. Man I wish I had millions of dollars to hand out to all these causes!

They had a sale a while back and I got these slippers

They are so comfy! I got them for $10, now they're $20, but I love them! It has a memory foam bottom... very nice.I love to try to help animals when I can as well. I wish someone would hire me (once again I'm willing to be hair fluffer #2 Josh...) then I can donate more!

My other favorite purchase from the Animal Rescue Site is the paw print necklace. Though I'm really annoyed because I seemed to have misplaced it at the moment.. but hopefully I'll find it soon! grr..

Grobanites For Charity

I have donated some money to Grobanites for Charity and purchased a couple things. My favorite purchase from them is the Scarf.
You can get it for $15 at It's made out of fleece and has a cute smily face. I got a navy one to go with my one coat and I want to get the black one at some point too.

I also got two bumper stickers though I haven't put them on my Cobalt, but maybe someday (I want to put them on when my car is paid off!). I got the Grobanites For Charity one and the I'd Rather Be at a Josh Groban Concert one for $5 each. I think they were printed on somone's printer because the quality is so-so ( this is the former lousy designer talking) but it's a good effort and the money goes to charity. I hope they hold up if I put them on the car!


I don't mean to be preachy-ad like, but they are just some charity items I like and thought you might like them to if you're into that sort of thing!

Have a good day everyone!

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Cats Cats Cats

on February 18, 2008 - 2:24pm

Well not much to say today... I was near Albany for the past few days visiting a friend.

My mom is still obsessed with Cats since we saw a week or so ago, I looked all over to find the CATS DVD for her that she wanted in Poughkeepsie but I finally found it in Albany! So she's been watching that (after listening to the CD a zillion times) and now I have the songs in my head.
Don't get me wrong, I like the musical too-however I think I know where I got my obsessive tendencies.. :) Jellical cats, Jelli-cal , Jellical cats.. hehe it would be funny to see Josh in cats. Hmm wonder what character he would be good playing? Rum Tum Tigger? My favorite cat is Mr. Mistoffalees btw.

Well after being near Albany I've come home and speaking of cats, my kitten has been pretty sleeping, she's been sleeping since I came home! She'll probably be up all night...

Also while in Albany I went to the Mac store and gave in and bought The Sims: Pet Stories so I need to install and play that sometime soon. Hope it's good. Not like I need ANOTHER reason to be on the computer! Man with FOJG, e-mail my online course, SL and the web it's hard to not get myself glued to the computer. And I had some pain in my wrists again (I had carpel tunnel really bad a while back) so I'm not using my better judgement.

After finding out how much I've gained weight-wise at the dr. I've been cutting down on my sweets. That means no cookies, cakes or anything like that! I have to stop! Oh it's been hard. I'm trying to eat better, though it's hard sometimes when I'm kinda down. But I'm working on it. What a pain.

Non-Josh CDs I've been listening to:
"I Stand" Idina Menzel (favorite Song: "Brave")
"Harem" Sarah Brightman (favorite song: "Harem")
"Taking Chances" Celine Dion (Favorite song: Can't Fight This Feeling" or "Right Next to the Right One")

No way! they've all either performed with Josh or will be (Idina's going to be in Chess, right?) I don't think that's as a coincidence. :) Josh has opened me up to a long more music I can tell you that! :)

Have a good day.

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Kittens and TableCloths

on February 16, 2008 - 9:24am

Well after taking care of my sister's kids for 3 or so days (since she's in Puerto Rico on vacation) they're finally going to their other grandparent's house. Man am I tired! I don't know how people do it with kids, work and all the rest! It takes a lot out of you!

My older kitten Lucy has been so precious, she follows me around and jumps into everything! Right now she's in my laundry basket.

Last night I about had a heart attack when I thought I lost her. I looked everywhere for her and I was afraid my dad and nephew accidently let her outside (she's still little and I don't want her getting out yet). I looked EVERYWHERE. Finally after checking the food pantry for a second time I found her fast asleep in a corner with the tablecloths. What a relief! At least in the process of searching for her I found some of her many favorite cat toys that were hidden under dressers and beds...

Oh and of course Josh, as you can't write out an entry without staring at Josh on the left (I already got the Awake Internet only limited edition!) as well as looking at him on the right on the infamous box. *sigh*
As always Josh and Celine were excellent at her special. They both sounded superb, I admit I wasn't too thrilled beforehand that Celine dedicated a song to Jennifer Love Hewitt (she annoys me somehow, probably jealousy) but oh well. It was good.

We had water in our attic as the result of all this yucky wet weather we're having in New York so we got the fans going and of course the access to one part of the attic is through the room I'm staying in so it's all torn apart since I took out all the stuff out of my closet!

Back to Josh.. I also got my Raise 27! Button today. I would give them thousands of dollars if I could but figuring I still don't have a job, it was a measly sum. :( I also bought a couple small things at GFC as I have been lately... it's so bad I should be saving the money since I'm so poor myself! I've been also buying little things at The Animal Rescue site (goes to animal charities). It makes me feel good to give and I wish I could give so much more! Well maybe someday.

Oh yeah I have started using Yahoo messenger as oppose to AIM- a fresh start- my friend got me into it among other things. If any grobies want to im (or would be it be ym?) me, my name is Cobaltg2!

Also I have been a mild (ok maybe an understatement) Second Life addict and my name is CobaltGrobie Catteneo. It's fun! I am planning on going to Albany for a couple days so you might not see me on, but if you do, don't be shy!

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on February 15, 2008 - 1:08pm

Well not much is new, I've been babysitting for my niece and nephew, man they take a lot of work! On the go go go! My sis and her hubby are in Puerto Rico on vacation.. so not fair! It's so mad cold here, I am sooo sick of the winter! I still think I want to move west, specifically maybe Arizona...

Did you see the Josh pic in People mag? My mom gets the mag (I am not a fan, let's just say..) but I was happy to see him in it, even in the crust! He's so cute! What's new?

I've switched both of my medications so I'm hoping I'll feel better... I just need to get out of my serious rut. I still need a job. I am still willing to be a Josh helper of some sort!

Lucy dumped over my small trashcan and decided to chill in it. lol


Josh if you need a helper of some sort, I am available! Geeze, I'd drink your bathwater.

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Happy Grobanite Valentine's Day

on February 14, 2008 - 8:23am

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a great day on this silly "holiday" :)
Here are my valentine's graphics that I have been posting all over the place on FOJG. I think all my graphics look awful so I don't know why I am posting them everywhere.. I am sure to the annoyance of some people. Well I copy it so I just I just get in the habit of placing it! Here are my two versions. They look sort of wacky. I think the colors are sort of off, I had trouble matching colors well with the effects I wanted. I should probably take a refresher photoshop class when I can afford it. Josh need an extra hair fluffer or dog walker? (hint hint, nudge nudge?)

Unlike a lot of people I don't care who uses my graphics or what they do with them. Anyway most of mine are just borrowed from another idea anyway- such as these.. picture by Alice Q, background influenced by a wallpaper by Blue Mountain Arts, and I can't remember where I got the heart brush, but if that person (highly unlikely) notices I'm using it, I'll give them credit! Also His Royal Hotness should get some credit too :) I wish he could watch movies all day with me:)

My MAMMOTH crush on him really should start weaning by now, but it's not- gotta tame those hormones! It's getting ridiculous really. I am so obsessed with all things Josh!

I never thought at the age of 25 I would join a fan club and get such a massive crush on a celebrity like this. What am I? When I was a teeny bopper I never even joined a fan club or got tiger beat or any of that stuff. What happened? Struck with Grobanitis.



Gunda- thanks! I drove a super old brown (literally) grandma car for YEARS so needless to say I was psyched picking out my first car!

Nessa- I don't remember where he said that about the Cadillac commercial, I've just heard it multiple times around the forums...



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