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on February 2, 2009 - 8:55pm

I submitted Remember When It Rained as my favorite Josh love song. I think you may know why :)

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*this close*

on January 31, 2009 - 1:13pm

If you can picture it I'm *this close* to sucking it up and buying a sofa/loveseat set. Some of the stores I've gone into get me stuttering as soon as I even try to start talking I'm like I just I just I I I can't bring myself I I just can't. :) Lol that really is what happens to me my tongue just gets all messed up and I can't talk coherently until I get out of there. But I went to another place last night with my friend's mom and they have a sofa and loveseat set that for $599 sale that lasts thru Tuesday. I have been keeping my eye out on craigslist but so far I haven't seen anything that is either in the condition I want for the price I'm willing to pay or they won't deliver,etc. I dunno.

Congrats to all the lucky peeps who were able to participate in the chat with Josh. I had the window open at work but I couldn't see the video and then all of a sudden I got handed this project and it was being explained to me what I needed to do yada yada and so I knew I wouldn't be able to sit there and wait til he came on. Oh well. I hear it will be posted for those who missed? I saw one of the threads on the board talking about some of the things he mentioned. Can't imagine waiting all the way til winter for a new cd although that would make another wonderful Christmas gift if we could do the same thing for the next cd as we did for Noel. Tis the season!

PS...I am so ready for spring and summer. Living in a state that actually utilizes all for seasons of the year is so ugh. I want the sun already! Not sitting in my car in the morning on my way to work, defrosting for 3 minutes so I can actually see out my window when I start to drive. Eesh.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday. I think I'm gonna get a couple of errandy things done and go see my doggies at the parental unit's home. Bye!!

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HandyMelody not Handyman

on January 25, 2009 - 12:18am

My bed was delivered today...first bed of my own that's not a twin wohoo! :) I had to put the frame together but I figured it out. It's about 12:15 am now but I went home today and saw the doggies and picked up my car again from my friend's. I also put another two chairs together today for part of my dining set and I'm in the middle of putting the kitchen table together. That's what happens when you buy at IKEA (I hate going through that store) and tomorrow I've got to go to Target and get sheets for my bed. My next goal is scouting for a sofa and loveseat for my living room because until then a queen size air mattress will double as my couch and the room just won't look complete until I get those last pieces of furniture.

Lots to do...

Oh and my purple grape Josh shirt was waiting for me today when I went to my old house. I had had to send it back because I didn't realize it was a junior's size when I ordered small so I swapped it for an XL in the junior's and it fits perfect. I'll wear it this week on my next casual Friday at work yay! :) Should brush my teeth and get ready for bed now. Have a good rest of the weekend!

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on January 20, 2009 - 7:56pm

Hi all...I know I've been MIA. I miss keeping up with the boards and posting and what not but I haven't had the time. I recently moved this past weekend and have had tons to do. How is everyone?

PS...Only 24 hours til Lost season 5 premiere!!!!!

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on January 10, 2009 - 4:41pm

Myself and Kellie Pickler (whose waist is like a minus size 2 it's disgustingly small :) but she's adorable and my height too!




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