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Not the change I wanted.

on November 4, 2008 - 8:45pm

I knew tonight's results would not come about the way I had hoped/voted/prayed but I am truly disappointed and very hesitant for the future. I don't need anyone telling me after 8 years of Bush or how can it get any worse etc....I do believe it can. I believe in the end times and I believe that we are growing ever closer to it as well as possibly being in the early throes of it. I will pray that Obama is granted the wisdom and ability to make decisions that will benefit America. The thing that bothers me the most is the hypocrisy of people who "hated" Bush so badly and failed to bother respecting him purely as our President and leader of our country and a man who did a job that the rest of us have never done. I don't hate Obama in the least, I don't agree with his politics but I will respect him for taking on a job that he did not have to. I will pray for wisdom for all of our world leaders but am fearful for the state of the world in times ahead. I trust in God and believe that events that have long been prophesied through Him as in the Bible are that much closer to coming to fruition.

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All Growed Up

on November 3, 2008 - 6:59pm

I'm back! Sitting on my bedroom floor catching up on my TV shows and enjoying my remaining free time before starting work next week. I got back home yesterday afternoon and today finished catching up on my week's worth of Young and the Restless on my DVR.

I had lunch with my friend from my old work (boy in two weeks- the drama you miss!) and we talked about some of our living habits- neatness, toilet lid up/down (I hate it up) etc... :) I have to sit down and try to figure out a budget and make a list of all the things I'll need when I'm ready to move out and what the parental unit will be willing to pay for. She and I were looking at end of January as that is when she'd have to renew her lease and that gives me time to work for a few months and just have some extra money to be able to pay for some moving expenses and what not. One thing I'll have to get is a TV or pay my parental unit for the one that I have in my room now. Anyway, my friend was very open to it and I think it would really help her as she has a some expenses at the moment that are making it difficult for her to save a lot so rent money from me and all could help her. I think it could work out really well. I sent her pictures of my room(s) just so she can see what stuff I have that I'd be bringing with me and how I keep my things organized and all. My brain starts going into overload if I think about all the things I need to figure out- how we'd be handling utilities, cable, etc. I have to make a list of all of my thoughts and she and I can talk them over. I'm going to stop by her place one day after work next week just so I can see it in person and get a feel for how/where my stuff would fit and all...We even talked about pets and I told her the doggies (Chiquita and Rosie) aren't mine to take with me but that I'd want to borrow them for weekends :) and eventually get a small dog of my own. She is okay with it and her place takes pets to which is great and I'd of course pay the deposit for him/her as it would be my responsibility. So many things...this is what I have been waiting for. I'm finally at the point where I get to be a real live adult on my own, not depending on anyone else to support me and it's up to me.

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Happy Friday! (I don't really do Halloween)

on October 31, 2008 - 6:30pm

Thank you for the well wishes everyone...Andi, to answer your question my ritual when going to Disneyland is to go to Pirates first thing when I get there and once again either as the last ride or towards the end of the day. I lived in So. Cal for 20 years of my life and I've gone to Disney so I many times I'd have to say I've been on Pirates at least 50 times or more :) And it never gets old.

My mom got my life size cardboard's for me thru I believe :)

I was actually coming out of the restroom right before going into the gates at Disneyland and missed a phone call from my new work asking if I could start a little bit later (on the 10th) as the person who will be training me is going to be out of town instead for work so I get to push it back a few days which is no biggie...I'm okay with the extra vacation time. But boy I've spent a lot of money on this trip so it's a good thing I'll be working soon enough.

I bought little Disney mouse shaped earrings in the store outside of Star Tours with my birthstone (April) and a bracelet and earrings for my mom that she liked when we were there yesterday. I won't have time to go I'm sure when I come back for Christmas so I'm glad I got to go twice now.

Oh, and I totally got my best score ever on Buzz lightyear but of course the picture didn't go through so instead of me and my friend it's these weird looking space people and our scores :) The 2nd time we went on I didn't do as well. Oh well...still had fun.

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My happiest (Non Josh place) on Earth

on October 31, 2008 - 12:01am

Almost time to get back to the real world and be a grown up! I start my new job on the 5th, the day after finding out I have to live with 4 years of Obamanation. Eeek...hoping not.

Went to Disneyland today and it was a great day to do go- good weather and absolutely no lines. I think that was one of the fastest times I've ever gotten through all the rides I wanted to. Got my 2nd highest score ever on Buzz lightyear too yay :) Going back tomorrow with a good friend of mine and I'm kind of forcing her into it even though she's still a little sick since I already bought my ticket :)

I go back to Oregon on Sunday and Monday I'm having lunch with a friend/former co-worker at my old HR Internship. I got to know her since about April of this year and she and I seem similar in a lot of ways as far as our personalities being able to go from fun and chatty/personable to also being the more responsible/professional as needed if you know what I'm trying to get at. Anyway, she and I have always gotten along great and I had been thinking ever since this whole job thing was a possibility about what I was going to do in regards to moving out. Rent is so much cheaper here than LA but still, having a roommate of course would be nice. Danielle is one of the people I would consider a friend here in Oregon and she lives in Salem where I'll soon be working but commutes to Tangent (about half an hour for her probably) so I had been really thinking about how to bring up to her that I wanted to ask if she would want to eventually be roommates sometime within the next six months. It really was weighing on me because I didn't want to be like Bam, be my roommate but I wanted to give her time to think about it. So I sent her an email earlier this week and she's been busy recently but we're going to chat about it over lunch next Monday. I have no idea if she'll even want to or not. After all, I am the responsible and self-directed when it comes to things like cleaning and being neat but I am very passionate about the things I love (she does know this) and whoever rooms with me has to be able to live with some Josh/Johnny/Orlando on the walls and the cardboard members of the family- namely Josh, Capt. Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Anyway, I really hope she's open to it because I think it would be a lot of fun and save us both money and be convenient as well.

Oh, and she hasn't seen any of the POTC movies (I know, gasp now) but that's something that can easily be fixed :)

Gotta get to bed. Up early and back to Adventure/Frontier/Tomorrowland once again.

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on October 26, 2008 - 5:23am

It is 5:30am in the morning and I'm sitting at my gate for my 7:15 flight out of Portland. I had to take the 2:30 shuttle near my house to be able to get here by then because the next shuttle left at 4 and got here at 6:30 but something in between those two would've been just perfect.

I debated back and forth about bringing my own pillow and checking my bag but JetBlue's online system was messing up bc I checked one bag and the boarding pass printed saying zero. So I'm like do I want to deal with the hassle of it or just skip it and buy a cheap pillow to keep at my mom's when I'm there. But bringing my bag as a carryon meant not bringing my shampoo/conditioner that is perfect for my hair so my curls could be off this whole trip for all I know :) I was a dork and had a couple sample size things that I put in a bag but I forgot that applied to toothpaste as well. So they checked my bag and found my giant tube of nice overnight teeth whitening toothpaste (it's great!) and trashed that ::insert sad face:: So my list of things to buy when I first get to LB include a pillow, travelsize toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner. And now I'll have to pay sales tax for them...darnit :)



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