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trying to be ok

on September 18, 2011 - 2:52pm

hello Grobanites

Im trying to be ok.. but not looking good in and out of the hospital and such

Took Josh G CDs and personal CD player, played those alot and got through a tough time ( still trying to be ok)

Thank you Josh for coming to the hospital and keeping my spirits up


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Josh saved me today again

on September 12, 2011 - 5:41pm

hello fellow Grobanites

Went to DR got some REALLY BAD NEWS and some good news.

I have another week or so to deal with the propane exposure and last of the carbon monoxide.
This has been a tough road but thanks to Josh listening to his music watching CHESS again. Thank you Josh Groban

Please get better!! we need you here!!

follow Dr orders
drink hot tea with lemon ( Green tea if you can handle it)

we all love you Josh

With love

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And now back to you Josh in the studio

on September 8, 2011 - 6:18pm

hello Grobanites

As I re read my last few entries I feel like I was being selfish.
All I talked about was me this site is about Josh Groban and his
fabulous voice and his wonderful foundations!
LIke I says Now back to you Josh Groban in the studio

HIis voice has given me strength for the tough things in my life and I am grateful for him and his love of music love of life and his generosity!

What a fabulous man!!

And to think I saw his performance in SLC UTAH just a few weeks ago
Alas Im truly ungrateful for his talent and his inspirations.

Thank you Josh Groban and your life and for sharing it with us

Yours forever

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very shaky today

on September 7, 2011 - 1:37pm

hello fellow grobanites

Well we are back early from our camping trip here is why

Early Tuesday morn (2am) I woke up. I felt like I was not breathing so I went outside out trailer and instead of fresh air I got ----- propane gas!!
I went back in trailer and woke up hubby( he was none to happy!)
Told him what I smelled. he got dressed and went out to check propane tanks.BOTH WERE LEAKING MAJOR!!
He came back in and told me we had to get out of there fast! Which we did.
I turned off all things that had pilot lights or other sparks.
Half way down the canyon (at 3:30am) I hear " I forgot to turn off the propane tanks!
We got home, he was upset I was still struggling with breathing so did a nebulizer treatment and went to bed.(I have major asthma)

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saw Angel of Music today

on September 1, 2011 - 6:45pm

Hello all

Watched my angel of music on ELLEN today. Rerun but still fabulous Josh!

The rest of my day was usual

Now for the BIG news

hubby and I are celebrating our 36( that is a 3 and a 6 folks) years of happy marriage Sep 5. We wont be around for about a week for we are going camping for the last time this summer.
Hope all goes well for all of you on Labor day

We will also remember Sept 11 2001 and the thousands of people that were killed that day. May the families find peace now that Bin Laden and
Saddam Hussian are dead.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you this day!!

thank you



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