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Home Internet Down

on January 19, 2009 - 5:25am

Hi everyone, first of all I'd like to apologise to you if you've sent me an e-mail at home within the last week. My service provider has been doing some engineering work in the area, and I have not had access to the internet at all and therefore my e-mails. When I left home for work this morning it was still not up and running, so I'm thinking of asking for a refund!!! As soon as I can access everything, I promise I'll get back to you.

It's really busy at work, so this is just a quick 10 mins while I rush down my sandwich before I go back to the grindstone.

I just saw Josh's new V-blog and that he's going to do a live V-blog hopefully sometime next week. I hope I don't miss it. Hopefully I'll be back on-line by then.

Take care everyone, I miss not being able to chat so much with being off line at home, but just wait until I'm up and running again, there will be no stopping me.

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New Years Eve

on January 4, 2009 - 8:15am

My friend and neighbour Angie threw the biggest new years eve party I've ever been to. She was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the beginning of last year, and it spread to her lungs. Just before Christmas she was told that it was terminal, and that she probably had about 3 months to live. So she decided that she was going to let the new year in with a bang. She wanted to say goodbye to everyone and decided to throw a really big party. All the neighbourhood came and all her family. It was a really good evening, and everyone really tried to enjoy themselves, but it was difficult because it was also so sad.

She gave all her family and closest friends an envelope each containing a letter she'd written. The instructions on the envelope read. 'Not to be opened till I'm gone' I think she is one of the bravest people I've ever met. I just wish I could do more for her.

Anyway, I don't want to bring everyone down so I hope everyone else had a good New Years Eve and saw the year in with a bang.

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Finally Back on

on December 29, 2008 - 5:16am

I'm sorry to all those I couldn't wish Merry Christmas to before Christmas. So a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope everyone gets everything they wish for in the new year.

My laptop is playing up at home, I can access the internet for a sum total of around 5 minutes and then I get an error message and get thrown off. I'm only able to get a lunch break at work, because it's quite at the moment. So this is the only real chance I've had to get on here for around a fortnight. I don't know when the next time will be, unless that little laptop genie does his stuff.

I had a good Christmas, I was working Christmas day, but I wasn't the only one and we still managed to pull a cracker or two. I'm looking forward to the new year.

Now I have a question, are FOJG doing a raise 28 appeal this year? Cos I haven't heard anything about it. And although money's tight, I'd be happy to donate again.

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A Winter's Poem

on December 14, 2008 - 9:20am

I've had a good, relaxing weekend spending it with friends. But it's always good to come home. My cat Bella is sulking with me, even though I've only been away for a day and half.

I've taken inspiration from some of you and decided to have a go at writing a little poem. It's my first attempt so don't laugh. Okay, you can if you want.

A Winter's Poem

The winter wind
this time of year
Brings to my door,
the worlds good cheer
The snow, the wine, the mistletoe
All make my heart anew, aglow

Time passes quickly
as the spring
Through summer, autumn,
winter bring
A world of white,
cold ice delight
The winter solstice,
dark as the night

Time seems to freeze,
the world in place
Forgotten now, without a trace
For winter’s dream,
of what could be
Means everything,
the world to me

The winters end,
a new beginning
Our world once more
begins a spinning
A blood red rose,
a lovely bud
Life begins anew,
just as it should

Well there you have it the first poem I've ever written.

I hope eveyone had a crackin weekend.
Take care

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Buzzing from the Buzzcocks

on December 12, 2008 - 2:54pm

So Josh was absolutely fantastic on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. They sort of showcased him, and he was so funny. My work collegue text'd me afterwards and said, ok I give in, I can now see what all the fuss is about. Everyone at work watched and they all loved it. So today I was asked several times, which CD's has he brought out. I think that the show has done an awful lot for his street cred here in the U.K. It is available to view on BBC i player for those of you who want to watch and couldn't.

Well all of you have a nice weekend, I'm going to stay with some friends for the weekend. I'm setting off really early in the morning, so having just watched Josh on the Late Late Show I'm now going very happily to bedibyes.

Take care everyone



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