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MYyAlmost Birthday present

on October 19, 2007 - 12:43pm

I can't get onto the boards for some reason. I was on the NYC thread and then I got stuck, then kicked off. So, now that sanity has enveloped my mind I guess I am less excited. My dream was to be in NYC for the Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Square, a tour of NYC, then GMA on Nov 30, my birthday. The more I read on the boards the less likely I think this will be. I've started way too late to get tickets. I've never been to NYC even though I grew up in Western PA. I'm too chicken to go alone and anyone who is random like me can't leave. My husband seemed vaguely interested in going but honestly I can't see him out in the cold freezing so he can listen to a Pop Artist he has no interest in. Oh well, it was a dream, but what a dream!

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Noel, Noel!!!!!

on October 12, 2007 - 8:33pm

NOEL is out, I've been entranced with album. After watching the DVD, I appreciate it even more knowing it was made during his touring. Ah, to be young and have energy again! Family is fine. Grandson Matt is 9 today and sounds so grown up. Daughter Kate is busy busy. A few days ago her voice coach told her she had a gift which could take her far if she applied herself! That was pretty sweet to hear. She has also been asked to apply and audition for a 4 month performance mission in Nauvoo, Illinois for the LDS Church, She is my go getter. Son Craig is deep into his studies and fretting. Daughter Jen is teaching. Matt's mom, daughter Kristen, is an amazing woman keeping it all together in Cleveland, Ohio for her dental student husband and three little boys.
I've had four days off in a row because of a cancelled minor sugery. I like it! Well, sort of. I do miss talking with people so if I were to quit my job I'd end up at St. Lukes Behavioral for talking to myself. Maybe I'd just have to hook up with other Grobies and globe trot to follow his tours. Which would be OK by me!

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New to Grobania

on October 5, 2007 - 1:31am

Finally joined fojg after years of procratination. My reluctance has been because I have children Josh's age. Please! The last name is not Robinson!

But I joined and have found people here in AZ who are fans and they are awesome. I posted a little "is anyone out there" and got upswept in the group.

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