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Back in the swing of things...

on November 10, 2009 - 6:30pm

Today was my first day back to work since my dad's passing (and funeral). Being off for a week, I wasn't sure what to expect and was almost afraid to find out what was all piled up on my desk.

In my absense, the university brought in a temp, who from my understanding did an "okay" job despite the fact that she was busted a few times for inappropriate use of an office computer. Turns out she was looking up job websites, reading the Milw. Journal/Sentinel online, checking: FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr,, along w/ logging into various other websites -- She even went as far as to add MSN Games to my computer favorites -- So not cool what she did.

Amazingly enough, there weren't too many piles of things for me to take care of... Just some routine copying for instructors along w/ 25 inquiries to enter into JBar & mail information out to. Spent most of the day entering the information into JBar. The only thing left for tomorrow is to type up the form letters and mail out the information.

Although I was working at a slower pace than usual, I was so happy to be back to work!

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Another update...

on November 9, 2009 - 9:48pm

When I last posted on the old website, I mentioned my grandfather received news from his doctor that he should not be living alone and needed to give up driving.


- In late July, we were all surprised when my grandfather informed us that it was time to "move on and move out". Finding an apartment in an assisted living facility was easier than anticipated and in early August, he moved into his new apartment.

- From that day on, we (my mom, aunt, and I) have spent every Saturday morning/afternoon over at my grandfather's house cleaning-out, sorting things, and discussing remodeling plans (including bringing the house up to code).

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On a sad note...

on November 9, 2009 - 7:12pm

Recap (prior to old site being "closed" for revamping):

- My dad was diagnosed as having "terminal" Cancer not long
before the old FOJG site was "closed" for revamping...
Throat and Lung Cancer(s) -- He was also a 2x Tongue & 5x
Skin Cancer survivor.

For those following my journals from the old FOJG site:

- On Thursday, 10/30 my dad went into the hospital early in
the morning to have a feeding tube re-installed. As he was
going under, his body started to shut down; acting quickly
the doctor(s) revived him -- however, they were not able to
install the feeding tube. Due to circumstances, he was
admitted to the hospital overnight.

- Friday, 10/31 the decision was made that Hospice care was
essential and granting my dad's wish, he was sent home to
receive home Hospice. The Hospice nurse was telling the
family she figured 4-6 mo was his (my dad's) life

- Saturday/Sunday everything seemed okay... As good as it was

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Great to be back...

on June 24, 2009 - 6:18pm

Wow... I finally made it back to the group (and every other group I'm a member of.

So much has happened, I really don't know where to begin.

Things at work are going okay. Once again, the university's budget was cut due to low enrollment... And once again, we'll somehow make it through another year.

My dad's Cancer has stabilized (meaning it hasn't spread or gotten worse). Earlier this month, he went camping with my uncle for a week... His 1st vacation since he was 1st diagnosed with Tongue Cancer about 2 years ago. Of course, he enjoyed life to it's fullest and really enjoyed himself. In the next few weeks, my parents are going on a trip to the Dakota's (an early 40th anniversary present to each other)... They should have fun.

At long last, I'm almost done w/ the Spring cleaning (which I started last December). It was a tedious task deep cleaning each room and moving the furniture, but well worth it. I took appx. 24+ Boxes to Goodwill... And I have another 3 more boxes I still need to drop off.

Since I've last posted, my grandfather's health has dramatically gone down hill... His short term memory is pretty much gone. He's starting to delusional as his long term memory is starting to go as well. He keeps accusing my parents and aunt (who lives locally) of stealing his things whenever he can't find something (which as of late is almost daily). He's barely taking care of himself.

His doctor has told him he needs to stop driving and should not be living alone anymore... Needless to say, he's refusing to go into Assisted Living claiming he's able to take care of himself. That and he's still driving around town.

Result... A family battle is starting to arise. My aunt in Texas wants my mom & other aunt (who lives locally) to take the situation to court & have my grandfather deemed incompitent (sp). My mom and aunt in WI are saying "No" because he isn't to that point yet. The doctor wants to revoke my grandfather's driver's license, yet my mom says "No" because he'll still continue to drive w/o a license and auto insurance.

To make the situation worse, my aunt from Texas is coming to town w/ my cousins w/in a week or so. They (6 in all) are all planning to stay w/ my grandfather claiming they want to spend "Good quality time" with him which everyone else knows is bull because they haven't come to visit since my grandma's funeral a few years back. ** Everybody else is thinking they plan to clean the place out despite the fact my grandfather is still living in the house.

I know a lot has happened, but geez... That's a lot more than I realized. So much for a so-called, non-eventful life.

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It's finally here.... The weekend

on May 23, 2009 - 9:23am

Hello again everyone.

I've been so busy I've been MIA for awhile... At least my picture hasn't appeared on the side of a milk carton yet (j/k).

No, seriously I have been busy. When not at work, I've been busy frantically trying to help my sister finalize the plans for my oldest niece's high school graduation party, shopping for the graduation gift (something suitable for a dorm room at UW Madison); helping my mom type up quizzes/tests; and checking up on things w/ my dad.

Speaking of my dad, he had a PET/CAT last Thursday (1 week after his final Chemo treatment). Called and talked w/ my mom Thursday night... My dad was a bit tired out, but otherwise doing okay.

The test results should be back within a week. After that, the doctor's decide on the next course of action which will probably be more Chemo (unless the Cancer is in remission).



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