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Just a manic Monday...

on May 11, 2009 - 7:14pm

Things were nice today at work w/ my boss being in Nebraska for the week. For some strange reason, the office is more productive when he's not around. Hmmm... I wonder why?

Today, was day 9 of my "bootcamp" exercise program. Whew... What a workout it was tonight. Did the required 10-minute video (strength training) along w/ 2 additional SP exercise videos. In an effort to get my 30-min (required) cardio workout in, I also went for a mi. walk.


On an unrelated note... Why do some people have to be so annoying? Tonight, I met up w/ a co-worker for dinner. While at dinner, a friend called. I ignored the call because I was eating dinner. Upon arriving home, there were 2 phone messages on my machine from the same friend. Wanting to get my walk in before it got dark, I ignored the calls. As I was walking out the door, the same friend called my cell (again). Irritated, I turned my cell off. By the time I arrived home, my friend had called yet another 2 times. Because I still had to finish exercising, pack up for work and shower, I ignored the calls.

I know it's rude to ignore phone calls (I usually don't), but when I do call her (my friend) and ask "what's up", she always tells me "oh, nothing. I'm just bored." It gets tiring after awhile.

You see, she doesn't work and doesn't drive. So, she has no concept that those who do work tend to live busy lifestyles. It's as if she expects everyone to drop everything to talk to her when she calls.

Okay, here's the clincher to this... If someone calls to talk to her when she's watching specific TV programs, she will tell them she's watching TV and they will need to call back (usually w/in an hour or so).

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A day in the life....

on May 10, 2009 - 6:58pm

Day 8 of Bootcamp (exercise program)...

Started off my day volunteering at church serving coffee/juice/bagels. It's weird because every Sunday I volunteer, it seems at least on coffee pot overflows while making coffee. What's up w/ that?

Upon arriving home, I managed to squeeze in a 2 mi and the required 10-min exercise video for the day (kickboxing) before leaving for my parents' condo to celebrate Mother's Day.

Upon arriving home, the temp dropped (but it was still sunny)... Perfect walking weather. So, I went for another mi. walk.

Later this evening, I chatted w/ my sister who recently went came up to Milwaukee to see Danny Gokey (from Am. Idol) @ the Summerfest grounds. According to her, the place was packed and amazingly enough, they didn't lose any of the kids. Said she had a great time.

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Hoorah! 1 week down, 3 to go...

on May 9, 2009 - 1:27pm

It's hard to believe I completed the 1st week of my exercise program... It's quite a grueling workout, but I feel great!

Started out my day w/ a 30-min (1.2 mi) walk around the block. Did the required 12-minute video today (pilates) followed by another 9-min pilates video focusing on the core muscles. After that, I felt so energetic and motivated, I spun on my stationary bike for 30-min while watching Twilight.

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Not so typical Friday...

on May 8, 2009 - 6:53pm

Had an absolute wonderful day at work today... Everyone was in Fayette, IA for graduation this weekend except my co-worker, Gloria and myself. We stayed behind to "hold down the fort". With most everyone gone, we not only were able to get caught up on things, we had a mini-pizza party!


Today was day 6 of my exercise plan...
- Did the required 10-minute strength training video followed by another 10-minute video. Today's 30 min. cardio exercise was walking.

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Tofu anyone??

on May 7, 2009 - 9:08pm

Reading my FaceBook comment on eating tofu last night, my sister so nicely called to remind me about the time my mom tried making Mac & Cheese w/ tofu in the 1980's... It was so disgusting, I blotted it out of my mind until she reminded me of it! I mean, who makes Mac & Cheese w/ tofu?

So, last night was the 2nd time I tried tofu and although it looked disgusting, it tasted like chicken! (Of course doesn't everything w/ an unfamiliar taste always taste like chicken?)


Exercise "Bootcamp": Day 5

Did the required 10-minute video this evening followed by another 10-minute exercise video and 30 min. of spinning.



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