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What was he thinking....

on February 6, 2009 - 6:12am

What was Michael Phellps thinking smoking pot...especially with other people around.

Don't get me wrong I disapprove of pot smoking, but he should of known someone might take his picture. He also should know by now you have to be extremely careful trusting people.

Today it was announced a major sponsor of his is pulling out and he has been suspended for 3 months from competitive swimming.

Not only that but he is facing the possibility of criminal charges being filed and considering he broke the law and their is evidence to support it..don't hate me, but he probably should and take his lumps that come with it.

Unfortunately, some life lessons come hard and with severe consequences. I have a feeling his mother, who is a school principal, and his coach warned him about this...using drugs that is.

For good or for bad, whem you become a public figure, which he did after the Olympics, your life comes under a microscope and you have to think a lot harder about the choices you make.

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He didn't deserve it....

on February 3, 2009 - 1:07pm

I heard some of Christian Bales tirad on the morning shows. My response was ...who does he think he is to talk to someone that way. If I did that at my job I would be fired on the spot.

Just because they are an actor, entertainer, or sports figure; have some fame and money doesn't mean they get to treat us "ordinary" people like dirt.

The lighting man did not deserve to be talked to in that wasn't like he was beating the heck out of somebody who needed defending..all he did was get into a shot accidentally.

Maybe if people like Christian Bales, Russell Crowe and others got fired from jobs they would think twice, but they know they won't be fired because they are a "star" and it would be too costly.

I don't know the name of the movie he is working on but I won't go and see, or buy on dvd, any of his movies. Not that he will care, but it will make me feel better.

What are we teaching our children when this type of behaviour is tolerated. That it is ok to treat people this way as long as you are rich and famous.

Sounds like Christian Bales needs to attend anger management classes.

NOW...I feel better.

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Josh's Live Chat...

on January 30, 2009 - 1:31pm

Can't believe Josh answered one on my comments on the live chat!... told him to call me if he needed a nurse for his next tour. Well, I'm not sure how he took it...he kind of made a little face and said thanks Ruth.

Initially I was so surprised he commented to that one, and especially one of mine, since I had mentioned the support of the troops several times, making a tour of troop sites, etc. that I was having a hot flash. Then was a little disappointed with his response.. not sure what I expected him to say though.

Then I thought to myself, if this is how you are taking the response maybe I am taking this all WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!

If he only knew that I am not star struck as I am old enough to be his Mom and have been a nurse for over thirty years maybe he would have taken it as it was a light hearted comment.

Well, I will watch the next one and see how it goes. Unfortunately, not much prep was put into this one ( he got up thirty minutes before he arrived, he was late and no one seemed to know how to work the equipment) so hopefully the next one will be smoother.

And on that note, I need to go get ready to take my son, whose temp is now 102, to a doc in the box for pediatrics that was recommended by our pediatrician.

Take care and think of me as I work this weekend at the hospital.


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Josh's Live Chat....

on January 30, 2009 - 6:43am

Well, hopefully I will at least get to listen to Josh's live chat. I checked out the website and being "computer challenged" I'm not sure I will figure it all out..but I would just like to listen. Wouldn't it be great if he did it more often.

The other issue that may interfere with me listening is that my son is home today with a temp of 100.4. He's 15 so I gave him some Motrin and sent him back to bed with something to drink, but it will depend on how he is doing around 1pm CST when the chat is supposed to start. Figures he is home sick today of all days isn't his fault he is sick..thinking he may have a touch of the flu (he had the shot so hopefully it won't be that bad). I want to be able to sit in front of my computer and concentrate on the conversation. Well anyway, if I can't listen now hopefully they will record it and post it later.

#1 "to do" listen to Josh's chat, if possible

#2 "to do" today is to start packing some boxes from the post office military care kit I got to send to Afghanistan to celebrate Josh's birthday and Valentine's day.

#3 "to do" today is to make the dips for work on Sunday for us to join in the Super Bowl celebration if we aren't too busy.

#4 "to do" is work on some more beanies for CWL.

To all, have a great weekend and think of me hard at work to buy that new oven ( the cost will be at least around $1000.00)since the other one died.


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After the Ice Storm...

on January 29, 2009 - 6:22am

Well, everyone went back to school and work after being off a day for the ice storm here in North Texas. Now it is foggy with a little ice ( if it melted and didn't evaporate it refroze overnight when it got below freezing again).

Well, my built in oven died a couple of days ago so I have to go out and take a look around for a new one. I have been using the toaster oven for simple things and it has actually worked out quite well. There are only the three of us to cook for so it's ok.

From there it is off to Walmart to get some things to make dips for Super Bowl Sunday snacks at work. Plus, I have heard ( from a cashier who checked me out on Monday) that they are closing the yarn dept. ( not sure if it is just this one store or company wide) but I am going to stock up so I can continue with my CWL projects. I'll just pack the yarn away in a box.

Had the parent mtg for the school Hawaii trip. Unfortunately we are not on a chartered flight AND we have to bring my son's instrument... I hope the airlines is careful with his double bass (it was expensive and we bought it with the money his grandmother left when she died).

Not much else going on for me...

Have a great Josh day!!!




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