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Our Allen Eagles Varsity Football...

on December 9, 2008 - 7:26am

Our whole town is excited..or varsity football team has made it to the state semi-finals for 5A(the numbers of A's designates the size of the school). They play in Waco this Saturday at 2pm. If they win this game the state final will be in Houston
next Saturday I think.
The new slogan is "The teams to remember play in December" as that is when the playoffs are. If they win the state there would be such a party because it would be a first for us. SO...any football fans out there, please send your good thoughts this way and ...GO ALLEN EAGLES!!!

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Grammy Awards...

on December 4, 2008 - 1:57pm

Yes!!!!Finally Josh got nominated for a Grammy Award. It is about time that they joined the rest of us in knowing how great Josh is. Now...I wonder if he needs a date???? haha.

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Should be an interesting week...

on December 1, 2008 - 7:12am

Well, it has gotten busy in the adult ICU where I work again. For some reason it always gets busy during the holiday season. Yesterday, I left for work at 6:15am and got home from work at is only 20 minutes away. I was grateful to be able to heat up my soup to eat while I worked and go to the ladies room a couple of times (I swear nurses can use the facilities faster than any group of people that I know). If the charge nurse hadn't taken one of my patients to CT scan for me, I probably wouldn't have gotten home until 11:00pm.

My son has his 15 year old physical today. He will get the flu mist and his "official" height and weight. Of course he will have to have blood drawn later this week in the morning as he has to be fasting. Having his blood drawn is an interesting affair as he usually turns pale, gets sweaty and feels like he is going to pass out. Not sure if he will have any booster shots. He has been going to the same doctor since he was a day old.

Also, should be hearing from his German teacher and/or his house principal (by phone or e-mail)about the e-mails I sent them about him having to "make-up" his detention since his German teacher was out sick and didn't make arrangements for someone to be there when he was assigned his detention (which was Thursday afternoon). She was well enough to come back to school on Friday, so...I have a feeling she could have made a phone call to his house principal to make some kind of arrangements...and of course, I told them both so.

Tomorrow I have a patient education meeting at the hospital and then Wednesday morning my son has an appointment at the orthodontist
(maybe we can get his blood drawn then).

Thankfully, most of my Christmas shopping for my family in Maine is wrapped and ready to be mailed this week or next.

I'll let you all know how the "school thing" goes.

PS: Max,the puppy is doing well...still working on house training but he is improving. Max and Maggie, our other dog, get along pretty well until my husband gets home..then the green eyed monster of jealousy can come out in Maggie.

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Thanksgiving and the hospital...

on November 28, 2008 - 7:24am

It was a busy day at the hospital on Thanksgiving. Just a few weeks ago they were sending us home for the lack of patients..and now we have 32 of the 36 ICU beds filled. It is always rough for us when patients die (even though some people think we must get use to it)but especially at this time of year. Just before Thanksgiving we had a 50 year old gentleman die, which was sad enough, but he had been having chest pain for about 2 weeks and didn't seek care. We might of been able to help him and have him home for Thanksgiving but now his wife and 4 children must plan his funeral as he had a massive heart attack. And there will unfortunatly probably be a couple more events like that between now and New Year's. When I feel down or low in spirits I try to remind myself that at least I am not in one of the ICU beds at work. I was too busy to go down and get my employee dinner, but I always have a sandwich with me and several nurses brought in pies.
We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday at my home, just the four of us (myself, my son, my husband and my sister-in-law) as we have no other family in this area. I invited a friend over but her Dad died recently and the Chinese tradition is that she can't visit anyone until after the Chinese New Year in 2009. Not sure when my sister-in-law leaves...but hopefully by Monday I can pick up my house and get it all back to normal. Hopefully, my son and I can get to a movie today or tomorrow. Well, I must go make out my shopping list for what I need to make Creamy Turkey Soup to use some leftover turkey meat.
Josh...I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and have fun in England ( I love that place).
Take care one and all...

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on November 25, 2008 - 9:44am

Hope you all have a GREAT THANKSGIVING
...I will be working that day at the hospital in the adult ICU. Sometimes it is more fun then being at home for me because we all usually bring something to share and the hospital usually has a dinner as well for us (if we have time to go and get it). My sister-in-law is coming today so not sure if I'll be on the computer much as between my son, husband and her, well....let's just say there will be a lot of picking up to do. Also, bought some dinner treats for my dogs so they can have a nice Thanksgiving meal as well.


Take care one and all...



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