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My last day of peace for a week...

on November 21, 2008 - 7:05am

Well, today is my last day of relative peace and quiet during the day (for a week anyway)as my son has Thanksgiving break next week, my husband took vacation time next week, and at some point my sister-in-law is coming for Thanksgiving. I am working Thanksgiving Day which may be a good thing (we are paid time-and-a-halfanyway). I should be getting my son's second 6 weeks grades soon as the grading period ended last Friday (hopefully he did ok). Yesterday, he was scheduled to serve a 30 minute detention (for talking in class) with his
German teacher..well she has been out sick and made no arrangements for him to serve it with anyone else. In my book, she had her chance..she knew last Friday when he was coming so if she couldn't make it she could have called his principal and made arrangements with him and didn't. And that leads me up to another pet peeve of mine...
just because I am home during week doesn't mean I don't have other committments and that my time is any less valuable than anybody else's. So many times, I have had people assume I can reschedule easily and they just don't keep appointments. And yes I have been known to tell them that my time is valuable too (and that if I cared for my critical care patients like this they would be dead). Well, anyway, if his German teacher tells me he has to come another day I am prepared to call his principal and have a talk with him about the fact he showed up and she lacked making arrangements. We'll see.
Well, it is off to do some laundry, housework and some "homework" for my job. Everyone have a great weekend and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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Now What....

on November 18, 2008 - 1:35pm

Well, my son got in trouble in German class last week with his talking and now has to serve a detention this Thursday afternoon. Between talking in German and not handing in assignments in Biology I am almost at my wits end. Now he is grounded (except for school activites) and I have his new G1 telephone ( to make it more difficult to communicate with his friends) and it will stay this way until his behaviour improves. Then to add to my misery...for the past 7 months if I have ANY, and I do mean any, stress the area under my nose turns red, painful, blisters and weeps fluid. I thought it was an allergy to latex but the test came back negative. After I had the moles removed from my face the same thing happened and the nurse in the plastic surgeon's office suggested that it might be shingles. I hadn't thought about that and she probably is right. Next time I have a real bad weekend at work and I break out I'll have to go to the doctor and be tested. I had shingles about 14 years ago and it gave me encephalitis (brain infection) for 6 months, so the idea of having it popping up again is not enticing.
And these problems with my son is not helping either, but usually it is work stress that cause a bad outbreak.
Still waiting for Josh's CD A Collection that I ordered from England. And Noel can come out now without people looking at me funny playing Christmas music in July.

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on November 8, 2008 - 7:04am

Today is my son's (and only child) 15th birthday. It is hard for me to believe he is 15 and a freshman in high school. Seems like yesterday he was a newborn I was a taking him home from the hospital..As I was getting him dressed to leave the hospital I told him I would do my best but I am not perfect. We would go through it all together. And so far we have. We got him a G-1 telephone ( his other one had finally worn out). We also got him a hoodie with our high school mascot (Allen Eagles) and I made him up a "certificate" for Itunes.
My son had his last football game (freshman don't have playoffs)of the season this past Thursday and he did very well. Several tackles and quarterback sacks.
I am home from work today for my son's birthday and he has a 3 hour orchestra practice this morning...figures doesn't it. I made and decorated his cake yesterday.
Well, I've bragged enough for now..thanks for letting me.
Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

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Go and VOTE

on November 4, 2008 - 6:26am

I have already voted..but I do hope others will remember to do so as well. I know the lines will be long but remember this is a right that some people in the world do not have and we need to exercise our right to be able to choose.


PS My condolences to Barack Obama on the passing of his grandmother.

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Slow at work...

on November 3, 2008 - 7:11am

Well, I got canceled from work again yesterday.(I'm an ICU nurse) I usually work every weekend so that is 4 days per pay period. I can do ok with 2 days since my husband is working. But there are some people who really need to work (I remember when I did as I was the only one working)so I try to volunteer to stay home when I can. I tried to figure it out on Sat while I was at work that we had only about 157 patients in a hospital for about 350...and that 157 included the babies.
In the ICU where I work we had 14 out of 26 beds filled. Rumor has it that another hospital in our area actually laid off people because census is down. Many people are putting off "elective" procedures because of the economy. In ICU most patients aren't there unless thay have to be anyway.
Yes, the time changed this weekend which means that it will be dark when I go to work and when I come home from work (I work from about 6:45am to 7:30pm).
I did get some things done yesterday anyway that needed to be filling out reimbursement forms for my flexible healthcare spending account; ordering refills for my meds; laundry; prepping another box to go overseas to the troops.
I watched part of the Dallas Cowboy game but it was so sad I just turned it off.
I do have a favor to ask..since I still can't get on the boards (argh!!!) could someone PM JustJoshing for me and tell her my situation (no FOJG boards)and ask her to e-mail me at She sent me a PM and I can't respond and I don't want her think that I am being a jerk. Really appreciate it!! Maybe one of these days Josh will read one of my entries about the boards and ask that it be fixed for me.
Well..hi to everyone. Have a great day and remember to vote tomorrow.



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