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I Think Maybe...

on October 27, 2008 - 8:08am

After 45 minutes on the phone I think I may have scored a Wii console/bundle for my son for Christmas. I'll believe it when I see it. It took so long as I really could not understand the young lady on the phone, so she gave me to her supervisor. I am so excited!!!I have been looking for one for a long time and was checking online and found an electronics chain store ( ok, Circuit City ) that was advertising them. A game came with the bundle so I ordered Guitar Hero for him. Should hopefully come in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, he will be surprised.

I actually had a good weekend at work, well actually Sunday at work. The hospital cancelled me on Sat(not enough patients for all the scheduled nurses) and thankfully with my husband working I can afford to take an extra day off now and then and let the nurses who really need to work, work. There was a time when I was the only one in my house working and I remember how hard it was getting cancelled ( without pay of course ) and there were bills to be paid. And Sunday I had two relatively easy patients (for ICU patients anyway).

My (almost 83 year old ) Dad's surgery went well on Friday. I talked with him on Sat...just sounded a "little drunk" from the pain meds.

Well, I am now off to the post office to mail a Christmas box to a group of Marines in
Djabouti, Africa.

Still can't get on the FOJG boards...frustrated is not a strong enough word for it. You can contact me if you wish at

Everyone have a great day/week...

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For JustJoshing....

on October 24, 2008 - 6:35am

Hope you see this. I am very frustrated and getting mad as I can't get on the boards/forum to receive your message so please e-mail me at I have sent multiple emails to the "powers that be" but no luck as yet and I am SOOOOOOOO
I thought maybe it was just me, but I have discovered a couple other people with the same problem, so....that leads me to believe it is something at the FOJG end that needs to be addressed.
Anyway, pleaseeeee e-mail me.

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Here I Go Again...

on October 22, 2008 - 3:41pm

Well, I had found a gentleman do to my home improvement work and finally had gotten all the things I ordered in for him to get started and guess what... he is gone for the next several months working for a couple of insurance companies doing damage estimates in the hurricane states. Just wished he would have e-mailed me and told me. Oh well. So now I have to start again to find someone. I think I may go to Lowe's and see what services they offer ( that is where I bought all my stuff).
My almost 83 year old Dad went in the hospital on Sunday. They found he had a colon obstruction and after talking with my 2 older brothers, he will have surgery on Friday AM to remove the bad part of the colon and end up with a colostomy. He will return to the Veterans Home where he lives after the hospital ( he has Parkinson's disease and needs a lot of help).
My son was home sick on Monday..something going around according to the school nurse.
Tuesday, I had to drive down to the hospital where I work for a mandatory meeting. Not very informative, but they make us go or they mark us down on our yearly evaluation.
My son has a football game tomorrow, those are usually fun..thank goodness.
My new puppy Max is doing well. I think he is figuring out that this where he gets to stay..his forever home.
Will update you all on the home improvement work...
Have a great day/evening

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Not alone anymore...

on October 21, 2008 - 1:34pm

Well, amazingly I have found another Grobie in the North Texas area who is also having a problem with the FOJG Boards. I have e-mailed the support people again with this new information.
The weather in North Texas has been absolutely lovely and Halloween is just around the corner. Since I had made my decision about who to vote for I went and voted on Monday at early voting. I have a feeling the polling places will be busy on election day.
Everyone have a great

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Still Having Trouble...

on October 17, 2008 - 11:15am

Well, I did everything that was recommended by FOJG to be able to access the FOJG Forum but without success. Sent another message to support for help. I'm missing being able to communicate with the PM board. I may not be real computer savvy but I did what they instructed and even called my husband for help but to no avail.
My son's football team lost by 1 point in the last minute of the game last night; a 2 point conversion didn't work ( the earlier one did).
Oh well, this is only the first loss this year. He had his first experience with the PSAT this week... came home saying "that was a hard test". Early voting starts here next week, so since I have made my decision, I plan to go and vote and get it over with as I have a feeling that it will be busy on election day. LOVED the 4 new pic's of Josh...would love to have seen more. Well, back to my housework.
JustJoshing...will PM you as soon as I can..or you can e-mail me at
(This goes for ObiWanCannoli, Nessa7, 1mnfan, and anyone else out there who wants to communicate before I can access the message board again).

PS My husband, who is really good at computers, can't figure out the problem with the message boards..we even downloaded another browser that was recommended and it won't work. ( and I said I would never tell him about FOJG but I'm DESPRATE!!! to get back on the message board/FOJG Forum). Hopefully he can figure it out tonight.



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