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FOJG Forum frustration...

on October 16, 2008 - 6:04am

Still can't get on the FOJG Forum. Sent an e-mail to that was returned as not being able to be delivered. So then, I sent one via the support link and sent another one today. I miss my FOJG Forum and the ability to PM people. Anyone who may want to reach me can e-mail me at let you all know when it gets fixed...SOON!!!I hope.

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First report card...

on October 14, 2008 - 6:46am

My son got his first (high school) report card...A's and B's. Mom was happy, he has 3 classes to work on to get up to my 85 expectation, but I know he can do it if he works at it a little. It was meet the teacher night last night. The one teacher I really wanted to talk with wasn't there, so I will have to e-mail her instead. I can usually find out what I need to know that way, but if not I will set up a meeting. His other teachers were pleased wth his work and behaviour. I told them if they have any problems to e-mail me and I will discuss it with him as my son knows my expectations and the consequences if need be (right now I could just e-mail his football coaches and he would be doing some extra running). He has his first orchestra concert tonight (he plays the double bass).

Just Joshing...I can't get on the boards/PM right now (hope they fix it soon) you can e-mail me at

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Football Homecoming...

on October 13, 2008 - 6:28am

Well, it was homecoming weekend in our town in Texas. My son's freshman team won their game on Thurs (6-2), our varsity football team won their game on Friday(42-0)and my son went to his freshman homecoming dance on Sat
(he said he had a nice time).
I was busy at work on Sat, but Sun was better.
My son has a day off from school today and had a friend sleep over last night. And Mom...gets to clean up the mess that her husband and son made this weekend. Friday afternoon it is picked up and by Mon morning...well it looks like a tornado went through the house, especially the kitchen.
Still can't get on the boards so I guess I'll have to e-mail someone at FOJG and see if I can get some help.
Have a great day!!

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FOJG Forum Trouble...

on October 10, 2008 - 10:58am

Well, I don't know about anybody else but when I try to get on to the FOJG Forum site I get a blank screen with a 0 up in the left hand corner. Does anybody know what that means? Is anybody else having that problem? This is the first time it has happened to me. So for those of you who I PM with (and any others too)need to reach me you can e-mail me at
My son's freshman football homecoming game was last night. He played well again, recovered 1 fumble, caused another fumble that was recovered by his team and helped sack the quarterback another couple of times. The offense however wasn't playing as well as usual for some reason, but we managed to pull out a win ( sounds like the Dallas Cowboy game last Sunday). The girl he is going with to the homecoming dance gave him a "Mum" garter to wear on his arm and he gave her a "Mum" corsage to wear and those things are huge. I don't know how they keep them on. But it is a tradition to wear them for homecoming from your "date".
The first 6 weeks grades are available Monday and that is meet the teacher night. I would like to ask his football coach if he sees any real chance of him making varsity one day (like when he is a junior or senior). Of course, I think he is doing well, but I'm his Mom.
My puppy Max is settling in well. Getting use to being in his crate most of the time until he is house trained and over the "chewing" phase.
Ordered my Josh Groban: A collection CD ( I absolutely love the cover picture, one of my favorites to date, would love to be able to download one); also, heard through the rumor mill that a "Chess" CD will becoming out later in the year. Personally, I would love it if they had a CD/DVD combo as I have never seen the play itself.
Well, anyway, don't hate me but my Christmas shopping is coming along well. I need to get it done early so I mail the packages to New England where my family is. Also, am working on my
X-mas packages to send to some Marines overseas. Those need to be mailed in a few weeks as well.
If anyone is keepin up with this, my prediction for the stock market is it will slow down after it reaches 7500.
Everyone have a nice weekend and think of me as I slave away at my job as a nurse this weekend.

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I shouldn't have looked...

on October 7, 2008 - 2:34pm

With all that is going on in the financial sector I decided to be brave and look at my 401K. Shouldn't have done is down 21%. I guess I need to keep repeating my mantra "I Love My Job". Good thing I don't plan on retiring for another 10-13 years. I'm afraid to look at my other mutual funds and IRA's since it will be equally as depressing.
On a lighter note, the weather in North Texas has been beautiful lately (for the most part). It is homecoming this week in our school district and my son and have to go get a "Mum" today for the young lady he is taking to the dance ( in Texas a homecoming Mum is a tradition). My new puppy is currently have a conflict with a toy hot dog ( which is about have his size). I think he won because he is now quietly chewing on his chew bone.



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