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New Puppy..

on October 3, 2008 - 4:06pm

Well, I did get a new puppy on Tuesday. Went to the vet today and everything is ok. It is a boy named Max ( I thought about naming him Josh after you know who because he is as cute as he can be, but it didn't seem to fit with our other dog's name or our last name).
He is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix), 16 weeks old and weighs 5 lbs. Mostly white with brown and black markings. Our other dog Maggie seems to think it is her puppy at times ( she is about 6 1/2 years old). He is already a hit with the 14year old son and husband. I got him as a rehoming
( the person I got him from had her schedule changed and couldn't give him enough time). Housetraining him will take time as smaller dogs do take a little longer, but that's ok. When someone can't watch him, he goes into his crate for his safety as well as my house's. My son took a picture to show his friends at school...I told him a cute puppy is a definite girl magnet.
As most puppies do he has separation anxiety, but like kids they have to learn that we will return for them.
Other than that I cooked and helped out at the teachers luncheon the PTA sponsored at my son's school on Thursday. Today was book club day, we read The Shack. Very intense book.
Well, got to go take the puppy out. Everyone have a great weekend!!

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Why do doctors think it is ok...

on September 29, 2008 - 7:55am

Well, Saturday was a busy day at work and I had to take a 3rd patient ( in adult ICU that is a big thing, usually 2 is the limit..but one of my patients was expected to transfer out ). He had a heart attack..he had a cardiac arrest in the ER but was successfully resuscitated and taken to the Cardiac Cath Lab for a cardiac stent. Well anyway after he came to me in the ICU it was necessary for me to call the doc several times for orders he didn't include and to tell him his patient was having some issues that needed to be addressed.He felt it was necessary to give me a hard time on the phone about the number of times I needed to call, how I bothered him more then anyone else and he almost hung up on me. I told him it was necessary for me to inform him about the patient's problems and if he chose not to do anything about them that was up to him but I needed to document in the chart that he was notified. It was late in my 12 hour day and I was getting tired and this was the last thing I needed from him ( this is the second time he has treated me this way). Well, the tears started to flow. I was ok in about 15 minutes and my chargenurse wanted to know what was wrong ( I don't cry very easily ). Well, he ended up coming back to the hospital to check on the patient and he was approached about upsetting me. He said he didn't mean to make me cry but I don't believe him. This wasn't the first time. I told him if at all possible I would not be taking care of his patients in the future.
For some reason, there are docs out there that think it is necessary and ok to demean nurses. As I told my peers, there are two things you do not want to hassle me kid and my job. Two things I know for sure..I am a good mom and a good nurse. Hassling me about those two things are fighting words. So anyway, why do doctors think it is ok to treat nurses like dirt. And worse, I am old enough to be his mother ( I have been a nurse for 30 years). My peers were very supportive of me and I am not the first he has been mean to. On Sunday, I didn't have that patient. The patient liked me and wanted to know why I wasn't his nurse. I told him that they needed me to take care of a difficult patient down the hall. Well, thanks for allowing me to vent.
On a brighter note, hopefully I will be able to go look at a puppy I saw online and possibly bring home. Waiting to hear from my reply to the puppy's owner.

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Josh's blog/Emmys

on September 25, 2008 - 6:55am

I was so excited to get another blog from Josh. I saw it less than 7 hours after he did it but this is my first chance to sit down and write. Wouldn't it be exciting if he gave us a little tour of his home sometime as he blogged. Can't wait to hear his new material that he is working on. Personally, I'm not into the "scruffy" look, but that's me and he should do whatever he wants. I wish I had been confident enough at 27 to have done that.
I thought he did a wonderful job at the Emmys and agree with him the the critics need to lighten up. Life really is too short to take things seriously that don't need to be. I can only hope that some directors or casting people got a good look at his humor and may use him in a show.
On a more personal note, my son played another great football game last night.One time he got a fumble recovery right near the stands and I jumped up and said "That's my baby!". If he had heard me, he would have died. I checked with him later and he didn't hear me.
The weather here in North Texas has been beautiful lately..sunny, not hot and with a lovely breeze. It was perfect football watching weather.
Well, that's about it for now..have a great day one and all!

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Josh on the Emmys

on September 22, 2008 - 6:35am

It was a busy weekend for me at the hospital 14-15 hours both Sat and wonder by Monday all I want to do is sleep..but alas there is always housework to do ( especially after Mom has been working all weekend). to see part of Josh's Emmy performance on a TV at the hospital and the rest on YouTube. It was absolutely wonderful!!! He showed his "fun" side. I would LOVE!! to see Josh do guest spots on some of the TV comedies. I think people would be very surprised at how good he would be. And his own Christmas Special..wouldn't that be wonderful!! ( Josh if you ever do one, I hope it is one a week night so I can watch it from start to finish...if it was on a weekend night I just might have to call in sick to watch.
Well..must go begin housework..hope you all have a great day!

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Proud Mom

on September 19, 2008 - 6:18am

I went to my son's football game last night and I was soooooo proud. As I may have told you he is a defensive end and last night he had 2 fumble recoverys and both went on to become touchdowns for the team. The other d-end was injured (bruised knee) so my son had to play pretty much the entire game and he did so well. According to my son, about half the team is failing in some course and if that continues they won't be able to play until their grades improve to passing (which is at least a 70 in our school district). Thankfully, my son is not one of the failing students.
I have a cold right now thanks to my son getting it at school and passing it on to me. So far it is not too bad, will at least try working tomorrow and if it doesn't go well I'll have to stay home on Sunday.
Looking forward to seeing Josh on the Emmy's (hopefully if I work I will get home in time). If not I will YouTube and hope it will be there. Glad to hear that he is feeling is that time of year...fall cold season. Flu season usually starts a little later on and then I get busy in the ICU as patients with underlying lung and heart problems may need to have the help of a breathing machine for a while.
I too hope to have a video blog from Josh soon. However he has been "under the weather" so to speak. Well, that's about it for to you all soon.



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