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There are some amazing people here!

on May 27, 2008 - 10:06pm

Despite all the drama that has been happening during the month of May...there are some fantastic people here.

I am getting to "know" several of you by posting on the boards and by PM's.

It is fun to meet others from other places and plan get togethers with a common theme.

But it doesn't seem fun when people trash and thrash on each other and I ask why? What purpose does this serve?

Hopefully there will be a calm on the waters of this forum and people can get back to what is important-

*Continue to be generous to Josh's foundation.
*Start to repair the reputation of the Grobanite nation.
*Learn to play together in the sandbox.

We have people who are expecting babies, some who have lost a person very dear to them, someone going through harsh medical treatments, etc.. the list goes on, but our support for each needs to envelope everyone who is joyful or sorrowful, in pain or in peace.

Just Believe

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Random Thoughts about life

on May 26, 2008 - 12:18pm

Isn't great to be a human being? While we all have thumbs (for the most part), walk upright, and have higher brain functions... we have something even more special. Variety. We all don't think alike, talk alike, or act alike. TOO BORING!!! We are the ones on this planet who can voice their wants and needs. We are the ones who can say, "What if." Humanity is good.

To all of those that have served this country and sacrificed many things including their lives... thank you for defending my freedoms and rights that I enjoy being part of this nation.

It is going to be rough going back to work tomorrow after being off for 4 days. But at least it is only a 4-day work week.

This week is the also the week I give the bookstore at university a check for 300.00 for school books. THAT HURTS JUST LIKE THE PRICE OF GAS!!!

Chloe quote of the day- "Mom, I love you!"

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Some Observations about the boards

on May 25, 2008 - 1:31pm

I have been thinking about this whole mess with people invading Josh's privacy... not being nice to each other..etc.

Except for those 2 psychos from Germany... the pandemonium around Josh is not really that surprising. It has been observed that there are women that are unhappy in their lives and one day, they found Josh's music and it touched them in the middle of their hollowness and they found that beacon of positive thought, feeling and emotion. And from that moment, they decided that they were going to make Josh the center of their lives. This can range from having a shrine of him, to following him all over the world, and even stalking him. I am not saying that all "Grobanites" are classified that way... what I am saying is that there are varying degrees of fans...from your casual fan who gets the CD's and attend the local concert to the die-hards who have made the assumption because they supported Josh early in his career, they get special treatment and classified as Josh-royalty.

(BTW- I am not making this stuff up, there have been several studies done on "groupies" through out the ages. Even Mozart had his fan club!)

But I am concerned about people's recent behavior towards Josh. It is getting very unhealthy and as a daughter of a retired police officer... every bell and whistle is going off in my head. WHERE was the security, WHY wasn't there more crowd control, etc? Scary.

Then finally, when you call someone on their behavior or just get tired of all the bitching, you are instantly persona non-gratis. YOU just don't understand what the fans have done for him (trust me, I know more than you realize), I don't know what it is to be a TRUE Grobanite, etc. Talk about turning ugly!

The bottom line is this- Josh is just a guy from Los Angeles that was blessed with a wonderful that he turned into meaningful employment. This career does put him out in the public eye where he will be noticed, but still deserves respect and privacy just like the rest of us. As my husband puts it- the guy farts, belches, swears, and adjusts his balls like every other guy in the WORLD! People are people no matter what they do in life.

I have found 2 little threads on the boards where the people are real and have hearts of gold. These are the people that I enjoy cyber-hanging out with because they don't preach to others on how to act, they don't cut others, down, they support each other, and we talk about normal stuff! Those women KNOW who they are and they completely ROCK!!


IF I were to meet Josh- I would quietly say Hello and ask him if I could get an autograph, IF he wasn't looking too paced. Otherwise, I would quietly wave and chalk that up as a perfect moment in time.

I will say this here and now---Meeting Josh would be awesome, but it wouldn't be Josh who could send me into idiot status- that "honor" goes to Andrea Bocelli. I am in awe of that man and I would not be able to speak around him.

So Josh, when we meet I will buy the first drink and toast to this crazy world!


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We had a family adventure today!

on May 24, 2008 - 4:53pm

Chloe quote of the day- Roswell the alien ROCKS!

We went to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, KS. Today.

They were having a space day for kids and my kids had a good time. They have several actual space crafts used by NASA. I think my hubby had the best time.

It is the only IMAX theatre in southern Kansas... hmmm... thinking... Josh... IMAX... now there is yum-o!

We are staying home this weekend to save money for vacation this fall.

Ok, I am off to start working on a fantastic soup for the freezer. I love to cook!

Open invite to Grobies to stop on by if you are in Wichita!

I'll leave the porch light on!

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on May 23, 2008 - 7:33am

To the Tudors! Man! That show is awesome. I am really into the whole medieval/renaissance historical thing and I am loving the costumes, pageantry, and the story lines are pretty good as well.

My husband says that they need real women with good boobs and not deflated ones!

Chloe quote of the day! "Momma, I want to be a doggie doctor, and a rock star!"

Anyway, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I am glad. I don't have to look at my desk for 4 days!

I REALLY DO LOVE MY KIDS!!! They are fighting as siblings do, but some days... boy I am ready to sell them to the rag man! Oh well, I am taking them to my school today and let them look around and then go and get Braden new tennis shoes.

Have a great holiday!



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