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May 15, 2010... the Countdown Begins!

on May 22, 2008 - 7:18am

Yes! The advising went extremely well! I have my summer schedule and my fall schedule.

It is official! I have been accepted to the school of business and I am in my chosen major!

I am on track for graduation, but these classes are going to be rough!

Things are falling into place for school and the secret senior project that is actually underway. I will be able to say more about it in November, so stay tuned! I can't wait to tell everyone about the project!

Ok, I am going to start a new little thing here on my journal called Chloe quotes! Chloe is my 5 year-old with infinite wisdom!

Chloe quote of the day-

"Momma, Josh is cute but Tariqh ROCKS the house!"

How can you go wrong with that one?

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Academic Advising today!

on May 21, 2008 - 7:14am

Saw the price of gas today- 3.77 a gallon. This isn't good for the outlook of our trip to California for October.

I am glad that Kristi won DWTS!!

Ok, today I go into school for advising to get the PIN number for registration for summer and fall semesters. I am not too worried about advising because it is just a formality to keep you on task. I start back to school on June 9th and I am looking forward to it.

GO SHOCKERS!! (Ok, if you don't know what a Shocker is, here is the definition- a wheat that have been electrified)

The thing I am NOT looking forward to is the sticker shock of the price of my books! I have never enjoyed buying text books because their value depreciates faster than a brand-new car!

Boy, today I am tired and I even went to bed early. I think I am going to adjust my vitamins and eat more veggies!

This weekend, we are going to the Cosmosphere and taking in a free show about the new explorations on Mars. My kids love space and planetariums, and they are having a whole bunch of free stuff for them to do.

As for my coworker who has decided to "bless" me with her wisdom on child rearing... I have decided that when she starts in again... I will let her have it! These are my kids and me and my hubby decide what is best for them.
I mean, if I didn't love and believe in my kids so much, I wouldn't be willing to move in 2 years to California where my son could attend a top high school for him to start on his path to his dream- working for Lego as a Bionicle designer.

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I am just here today

on May 20, 2008 - 8:04am

I am having a hard time finding a good school bag to hold my laptop AND school books. The ones I find are big enough, but UGH!!! They are UGLY!!!

I am also looking at purchasing a multimedia projector for school projects and home projects. I am looking at an additional 600.00 cost. Geez! School is expensive.

I am looking forward to Dancing with the Stars tonight! Go Kristi! I have always liked Kristi and always enjoyed watching her when she was skating and it is time for another woman to be champion of that show!

It looks like Memorial Day weekend is going to be nasty, rainy weather. Dang! I need to get my garage cleaned out and stuff donated to Goodwill and start the process of preparing to move to California in 23 months. Yes, the count down has begun.

Well, I guess I need to get back to work.

Update and a MAJOR RANT!!!!

Ok, first my kids have never been babied. Ya'll know that I have a 5 year-old daughter.. she isn't an normal 5 year-old. She likes more mature things along with her Barbies and ponies.
My husband loves the comic book character and we rented the DVD "Ghost Rider". My daughter LOVES that DVD and wants Ghost Rider painted on her wall! She knows that he isn't real. She has been seperating fact from fiction at an extremely young age.
ANYWAY, I said this to a woman at work and she just about had a cow.
"Don't you think she is a bit young for Ghost Rider?" No! She also likes Harry Potter, Narnia, and she shoots traditional archery. My daughter is very mature for her age and she will let us know if she doesn't want to watch it, but we don't force her to watch things and when she wants to watch a movie, she has to have us approve it for her to watch in her room.

This woman also says that I am giving my kids too much. I merely mentioned one day that Chloe has a Hannah Montana guitar and that soon I will be giving her my old keyboard to play on and then start lessons.
I don't give my kids EVERYTHING they want. I use the word no with them quite a bit.
My son wants a Wii and I am somewhat hesitant. But he is saving 1/2 of his allowance for his trip to California and 1/2 for the Wii. So, I really can't complain.. he is making choices about things he wants now and in the future.

I think it is this- my husband makes enough that I really don't have to work, but I do because we do want to have those "extras" in life and she is working because she has to. We have had to sacrifice a lot to get to this point in our lives and the sacrifices are going to get harder as I finish up school.

Because when we move to California, we are going to need EVERY, SINGLE dollar that I saved for getting established and such.

Life is too short to be coveting someone's elses lifestyle. I am happy where I am at with regards to me and my family's lifestyle.


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Getting Ready for the Week!

on May 18, 2008 - 10:45pm

The Medieval picnic was a blast and I had LOTS of people ask me about archery and weaving. We came home tired but had a great time!

I saw the pictures from the SoCal Grobies for giving out the backpacks. Alls I can say is that I am so jealous that I couldn't participate! I absolutely love doing stuff like that!

There have been those angels in my life that have helped me out and now I am in a small position to help those that are in need of assistance. I love the phrase, "pay it forward." I try to help those when I can, but sometimes it just seems overwhelming.

Anyway, I will be involved with several projects in the near future that will make my heart soar.

Hey! This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait! It is a 4-day week for me at work and I can't wait. I am really needing this weekend to clean my house from top to bottom to get ready for summer school.

This is also my son's last week of school and he can't wait. He is sad that his girlfriend is moving on to high school and he will still be in middle school. But I told him that even if she were still in middle school, he wouldn't be attending that school anyway. Tweens and crushes... it is only going to get more interesting.

Speaking of my son- it is kinda wierd for me to say that at the end of the year, I will be a mom of a teenager. My son is growing up so fast and starting to kinda get an understanding of the world and its ups and downs. He does have ADD, so that makes life for him somewhat challenging, but nothing that he can't overcome. Me and my hubby believe in our kids so much that we are willing to move clear across country for them to achieve their dreams and goals of life. They are my greatest strength and loves of my life. Everything I do, it is done with them in my mind first and foremost.

My son and daughter have had to go through so much in the last 3 years that it is amazing as to how they have still remained kids and not let the world age them. They are truly my gifts from God and I treasure them more than life itself.

Well, it is that time that I get off to bed! Over the weekend, I did get my Josh passport cover... now to get the passport!

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I am enjoying the weekend!

on May 17, 2008 - 10:50pm

I did get to sleep in and it was WONDERFUL!!!

Tomorrow, we are planning a medieval day in the park with friends. I will be completely decked out in an italian renaissance dress and will be demostrating weaving and talking about archery. It should be fun!

I am starting to get really antsy about school. It is starting in a couple of weeks and I am already there... focused and committed.

At WSU, they have a business plan of the year competition and I have started working on my plan for 2009 This is it- To establish a working and controlled agricultural area for people to learn how to grow, harvest, store, and prepare natural foods to offset the rising costs of food.

My idea is for those who want to eat healthier and cut the cost of their perishable foods-give them a controlled environment to grow their food because maybe they own an apartment and have no land, or someone just has a small yard and wants a garden but doesn't want to deal with the prep work of their land,etc.

With my plan, we would take you from start to finish and you would pay to use the facilities and a monthly maintenance fee to cover the cost of stuff needed to grow a great garden.

The winner of the competition gets 10,000!!

I am also working on the 2010 plan, but that one can't be revealed because of some legalities, but once we get some permissions and such... I will let the world know!

My first plan is strictly a profit-making venture, but the 2nd one is a completely non-profit plan and that one is going to be a fun one!

Yes, it seems like I am a workaholic, but I have a lot of stuff to accomplish in the next 2 years.

Ok, it is time for me to go to bed!



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