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I'm Back

on February 28, 2011 - 9:26pm

Oh FOJG. I have missed you. Happy to be back and ready to purchase me some tickets!!

Shout out to all you Groban lovers! Which I hope anyone reading this would be..

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Loving the new site!

on November 9, 2009 - 11:34am

I have been awaiting this lovely day! The new and FOJG sites look fabulous! Very excited to roam around and get back to stalking all the latest Josh news *wink wink* Hope to talk to some of you fellow Groban lovers soon!

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It's been so long..

on January 20, 2009 - 12:54pm

Over a month since I last wrote a journal entry! Wow.. There is a lot to catch up on.

1: Merry Christmas! :P I had a great Christmas with family and enjoyed seeing all of those who I love and don't see that often.
2: Happy 2009! Just my family and I went out New Years Eve night for dinner. We then played games and drank sparkling grape juice. :)
3: I finished first semester of the school year! Just finishing up finals right now, actually. I had quite the time trying to get all my work in and am SO happy it's done. Now I have to prepare myself for a school interview!
4: We have a new president! I watched the inauguration this morning... Should be an interesting few years.

Aside from all this, I have been able to keep doing the things I love. Dance classes, voice lessons, art classes, practicing photography, piano, friends and keeping up with Josh news. Now I must get back to my Chemistry final.
Wishing everyone a wonderful '09!

P.S. Just watched the new video blog. What's this about a live chat with Josh to ask questions!?!?? Can't wait to hear more about it! :D

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Uhhh... hi!

on December 3, 2008 - 9:54am

Good day to you all! I write to you from very snowy Wisconsin. It's building up fairly quickly and looks like I'll have enough shoveling to do to last me a few years. lol..
So a late Happy Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving day at my grandparents with lots of relatives and plenty of yummy food. I also made sure I thanked God for Josh's music, of course. =D And it's December! The month of craziness and happiness and joy and giving and... insane Walmart shoppers? Who else was astonished to hear a man died from being knocked down and trampled upon as a stampede of shoppers tried to get to the television sale and not one stopped to help him??? Sounds a little wrong to me. Anyway, on a happier note, I'm really excited about what this month brings. I, along with a group of friends, have prepared a little program to take to a number of nursing homes around the area. We've got about six different songs to sing, a skit to perform and instrumental solos to play. So I'm pretty excited about that! Then we have visitors week (which pretty much means showing our parents we've learned something so far this year :P) at our dance studio and we'll get to show our holiday dances. I still have to do my Christmas shopping too... and then of course comes Christmas!! I'm so excited. My family will do the usual, drive up north to my grandpa's for Christmas Eve, stay until Christmas morning, drive back down to the south too my other grandparents for the afternoon and then finally get back home for Christmas night. Quite a bit of the time is spent in the car, but hey. At least we get to see all our family. Yep... so that's all that's new for now. There goes the snow plow..haha...
Have a wonderful month!

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November begins

on November 2, 2008 - 2:46pm

I can't believe it's November already! Time is flying by. As usual...

A late happy Halloween to you all! I had tons of fun with friends!:
-We had to get something to eat with three dollars at a slightly expensive Mexican restaurant. Yay for free chips and salsa, water and only $2.75 guacamole dip!
-We didn't have costumes. So we turned to our good old black dresses and heavy make up
-We had to walk to a different neighborhood with our bowl of candy because no one came to our house
-At 3:30am we had an under the influence man in our front yard reciting poetry to the front of the house
-We stayed up until 5:45am. I'm still feeling the effects...
But it was a great day and we really did have tons of fun. And great job to those who participated in the Josh-O-Lantern contest! AMAZING job!

Now back to homework. Oh joy. haha... Have a wonderful first week of November!



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