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Feeling Better

on November 12, 2009 - 11:14am

So, I am much improved health-wise today. No more fever, no more excruciating body aches. I still have the cough, but I'll live. Last night I went through my old journals, I'm SO happy they're still here and that we can now go back and look at them again, and I looked at all of the comments and added everyone I could remember having on my Friends list before. I don't think it sends them a notice though, but I really hope you all will add me, that way it'll be easier to keep track of everyone's journals!!! I'm so happy the site is back. I didn't realize how much I missed it!

On a side note, I'm so disappointed that there are already Christmas commercials on tv! Why?! It's not supposed to be about the presents and the stuff, let's just be greatful for the love people, not that we got toys for for our kids for $10 that by April they're going to be bored with. I do like Christmas music, and of course the cookies. I don't want any presents for Christmas. Not one.I already have everything I could ever need!

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on November 11, 2009 - 4:21pm

Yay, the new site is going. I just logged on for the first time and I'm trying to figure out the new format. I'm a little disappointed that in the friends section it doesn't list the people I had as my friends.

On Sunday one of the boys woke up and was terribly sick, chest congestion a temperature of almost 105. He's getting better, but of course his brothers got sick too, though not as severely. I hadn't been vaccinated, then on Monday I did get the shot, but I was already feeling like I was getting sick by that evening. Sure enough I woke up yesterday with a fever and horrible body aches. Today the fever has gone down, but I have a really phlegmy cough. I'm hoping I'll be better by Friday, because I'm working Friday night and the rest of the weekend.

I think I'll get back to browsing the new site. Glad it's finally going!

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All Better

on June 27, 2009 - 10:28pm

Okay, I've mellowed a little now. I feel much better, thanks for commiserating with me girls. Sometimes I just need to wallow in self pity for a while. The cookies turned out all right, I used funfettie frosting and cream cheese frosting, and I've taste tested more than I should have, so I think they're all right.

Thank goodness I have this place where I can blog sort of anonymously. I mean I've yet to meet anyone on here that I know in the real world.

I'll give you the low down. My parents have been out of town since Tuesday and they get back tomorrow. They're out of state and the original plan was to take my brothers with them because my mom doesn't trust them to not have parties and drink and do all sorts of corrupt activities that so many teenagers like to do.

Well, of course she was right not trust him(it's primarily my younger brother having most of the parties). They've had people over just about every night, and I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep, especially last night. I thought my brother was just going to come home on time and go to sleep, but he came home with a bunch of friends and they got high and/or drunk and decided to watch Wall-E so I was woken up at 11pm by a chorus of people repeating "Wuhallllleeee." My hope is that this is something my siblings will all grow out of. I never drank or did drugs in high school, I just don't have the desire to. My parents would kill me if they knew that I was doing nothing to stop the parties they've been having, but I feel like what am I going to do to stop it? It's not as though things get out of hand, and I would rather have them hear where I can moniter their consumption. I'm just sitting here listening to them play their stupid drinking games and I just don't understand it. They're so immature. I'm just glad my parents will be home tomorrow.

My dad keeps the liquer cabinet locked and my brother knows where the key is so they've been dipping into everything just enough for him to not notice it's missing.

It's been an interesting week. I've had to come to the realzation that all three of my siblings drink and smoke on a regular basis...and I guess I agree with my mother; it's sad. It's sad that they're not innocent anymore.

I'll probably stay up late tonight until everyone leaves and I'll clean up. Ah, if only I were brave enough to say no to them.

Anyway, goodnight.

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on June 27, 2009 - 2:35pm

I am so frustrated, I just spent the ENTIRE morning trying to make these cookies and the last step is this filling that goes in the middle, they're sandwhich cookies, and the stupid frosting didn't turn out!!!!!! I HATE baking, I just can't cook to save my life, I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I guess I'm going to have to buy some nasty canned frosting and it's going to be terrible. Of course it won't be terrible, but I was really hoping these things would turn out and give me some success in the kitchen. (&&(#&#(^%(#@*&@)&@(@(&@(&@(@(&@$(&@(&@(@$(%(&%@%@(*$*(#%&*!"(!$&!""(&$"(!@&%(!&T^!_"B"IDBkfh198bvcihfq398y1vbtcew1'8)()*$#*T@NBV@@IGUWIUNG $!U NJ df((&@#(&$b!v (%&@_%&@)(%b@yfb f#*cbntc($*&%@cb($yuvncyu vb

On top of all of this my brothers are having people over tonight, the last night before my parents come home. They're not supposed to have parties and my parents told them not to, but of course they do, so I'm here just to supervise. Anyway, the house is a mess, and I can't believe I've wasted this much of my day off. I have no life!!!! I have no fucking life. I need to go.

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See UP!

on June 11, 2009 - 9:17am

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and she had heard great things about the newest Disney/Pixar film. So, we all went to see it. I had already been planning on seeing this one because I loved so many of Pixar's films. Each one gets better and UP was no exception. It was great! It was so great I think it should be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. I LOVED it! This film was hilarious, I sat there totally engrossed in this film. It was almost more for adults than kids. I don't think I would take the really young kids to see it. The first 15 or 20 minutes is very sad. I cried, I laughed. The dog, Dug was one of the funniest parts of the film, and completely captured the way a dog would seemingly speak if it could. The boy was also so funny--I don't even want to try to describe how hilarious this movie was, just go see it! And have a good day :)



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