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so time has flown

on June 18, 2010 - 4:11am

the last time i wrote anything was at the begining of my maternity leave!
Oliver finally arrived and is 3 weeks old today!! How the time flies indeed..even if he was 9 days over and had the trauma of arriving into this word via the use of forceps!! He really dint wanna come out and greet us!

Labour i can say has put me off for life and am very sure the wee man will be an only child. Altho he is a very laid back and chilled individual, he is suffering now with wind. I have never in my life heard such high pitched screams from any living creature and never thought it was physically possible to produce that kind of noise.

I hope he doesnt suffer with it for too long as we are flying over to canada to meet his grandparents and bens side of the family in 5 weeks time...long haul flights and upset babies dont mix....
Any1 with tips are welcome to suggest :-D

While he is asleep im gonna take advantage and have a shower!

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not long to go

on May 10, 2010 - 7:43am

Well i sit here at the start of my third week on maternity leave, slightly tired and a bit bored. It seems to have gone so quickly and everyone seems to be having babies!

Anyhoo's i have 9 days until i am officially due and its getting a bit scary to say the least especially as it is my first. Everything is ready for his arrival, the curtains in the nursery being the last things to be put up yesterday.

Im gonna go shopping now for some noodles and double deckers which i seem to cravew and im glad to have found that my hubbies nike are so comfortable....why i never robbed them off him before now like the rest of his clothes i will never know!!

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All happy and smiling

on November 9, 2009 - 2:20pm

Well the new site has launched and i thin it looks fab! i could do with a half term to sit up all night and investigate but i need to be up at 6.30 am to go to work!

I have good news to share though, i am 13 weeks pregnant and thrilled to bits after having three miscarriages without explanation or cause in the last 2 years. Have had fun relaxing off work on rest by my doctor till all was safe and well. my due date is may 19th which happens to be my nephews 1st birthday too....weird but who cares as long as 'flump' is happy and healthy when he/she arrives. I cant wait to find out for nine months so i HAVE to find out what the baby is (other than human) in january at my 21 week scan. I think that will terrify me and drive things home that we will have a result at the end of this one.

So happy days watch this space for pictures :-)

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so much and so little time

on May 11, 2009 - 1:10pm

oh my where to start!
I finally had the results of why i kept misscarrying at the same time, to be told there is nothing wrong with me!! great, rather had been told something rather than if i get pregnant again (yeah right no chance) they will monitor me every two weeks!
so i grumbled and grumbled!
Good news, my new niece or nephew is keeping us waiting and is now 4 days late so i think mt sister needs to have a curry or two to get him/her moving.
I have a depressed rabbit after her bunny friend roo died three weeks ago very suddenly but trying to find her a rescue husbunny she didnt like anyone so she is following me like a smell about the house and eating the walls lol.

I have a new job that starts in just over a month which i am looking forward to but at the moment i have a horrendous cold so its time to steam my head, if i try to blow my nose without, i will burst a blood vessel in my head!

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too much sugar!

on March 24, 2009 - 11:56am

I have finally settled into my new house, my rabbits havent got a clue what to do with themselves with all the outdoor space...typical when we didnt have much they were loons and bouncing off the walls, now they have what seems like acres...they dont bother!
Just a few more days to yet another half term break here in the uk, this time its for two weeks, which i really could have done with on the last one! Moving house is a nightmare and i dont know how my mother in law has done it as many times as i have known her (4 years!) its far too stressful altho a high light is i now have access to the board woop-pee so thanks for all the welcomes!
Cant wait for my new niece or nephew who will arrive in around 7 weeks time and my own gyne apt that looms closer on the 20th april. I will finally find out why i keep misscarrying, altho at my last investigation they did see something thats treatable and gave me many other possibilities too which is always good.
But right now im off to make chocolate easter lolly-pops to take to work for th staff room lol



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