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Overwhelmed Mom vs Her World

on May 16, 2010 - 10:38am

A couple of things in life I hate:

#1: Driving to the store and finding that the horrible smell is me. Dog poop on my shoes.

#2: Waking up in the morning and hearing from downstairs, "Somebody left out the ground turkey and ring bologna. The dogs ate it."


Within three hours last night, my World went from calm to down the toilet. It is a good that I have been blessed with very thick hair.

We were doing good yesterday morning. At noon we (John 'The Man' called husband a/k/a 'Man who lives in my house') went to a track meet an hour away that our 11 year old son was participating in. It was a beautiful day. Prince David did very well - he never came in last. Four hours later The Prince finished his last race. He had to stay with his peeps because there were two more events left and then they would board the charter bus to go back to school for pickup. So, John and I went out for dinner. When we got to our school to pick him up, he was in a good mood. That is always a blessing. We took him to McDonald's to eat. We took him to Walmart.

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Stupid not to wear helmets

on May 15, 2010 - 5:43pm

Just heard on the pager that a 2yr old was a passenger on a 4-wheeler with in an adult driver and they rolled over. They were not wearing helmets. Paramedics were doing CPR on the baby. That does not sound good. Chances are alcohol was involved also. No excuses.

It all starts with adults who do not think helmets are "cool" and they do not want to look like a "dork". Well excuse me. I only have one brain and I want it protected. About 10 years ago, my friends 42 year old daughter was riding her bike, without a helmet, and flew over the top of the bike. She cracked her skull and and head injuries. It took over a year before she would walk without a cane because she lost balance easily. I insist my son wear a helmet on his bike, but he usually refuses unless he is doing tricks off of ramps. His father refuses to wear a helmet on his bike because #1: He is an idiot, #2: He thinks his peeps will see him and make fun of him, #3: He is not a role model, #4: He is immature and not thinking of anyone but himself. There, I feel just a hair better. Anyway, children learn by example. They naturally will follow the bad example if you do not want them to.

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Mother's Day

on May 9, 2010 - 10:18am

Happy Mother's Day to all FOJG mothers & grandmothers. My mom has always said, "Every day is mother's day when you are a mom." She is right.

It is about 40 degrees here and partly cloudy. I thought we were finished with snow, but I was wrong. We had snow flurries from 7A to 8A yesterday.

My family and I are going to my parents for dinner. I am one of the blessed who gets to celebrate their birthday and mother's day today. The double blessing: I get to celebrate with my 84 year old mom who can still kick my butt. She is amazing. I tell her she is ruthless......

I went to see Furry Vengeance yesterday. It was very funny. For those who are animal lovers, this is a must see. It is rated PG for reasons and I do not recommend it for very young children.

Time for lunch and play outside.


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Balled Up at 3 o'clock

on May 8, 2010 - 8:24am

Yesterday morning was wonderful. At 7:45, I went to Convocation with my son and he asked me to have lunch with him at school. That was a first! From 8-9A I was presented with a mother's day book my son made and listened to a poem he picked out that reminded him of me. Then he served me ice tea and donut holes. From 9:10 to 11:10 I was at work. At 11:10 I left for school to have lunch with my son. After lunch, which was fun, I ran an errand and got back to work at 12:55P.

Fridays are not supposed to be chaotic. After four days of chaos and confusion Friday is usually a catch-up day. Oh for heavens sake. My son's track practice was canceled and I had to find someone to pick him up at 2:35P rather than my picking him up at 4:30p. I called the sitter, my daughter, my husband, my friend between 1P and 2:10 p.m. No answer. Finally, I got ahold of my sitter. At 3 p.m. yesterday, my sitter called and said she had been waiting for a half hour in the parking lot for my son and could not find him anywhere. I told her she needed to go back inside the school and look. DA!!!

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Humorous Moments in Life?

on May 2, 2010 - 11:49pm

So I took a wrong turn. Just a little character flaw I have. But, I had the common sense to take a cell phone.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. My son was traveling on a charter bus to his track meet. I was going to meet him at the field. It was a two hour drive - I can handle it by myself. Going home was a different story. I left before his bus departed. I wanted to beat him back to school because I am always late. That was my first mistake!

My second mistake was not taking a right. I took a left and ended up in territory I did not recognize. My third mistake was not putting gas in my car before I left home in the morning. There I was, driving in the middle of nowhere. Just trees, rocks, no residential area. When I saw the road sign with a familiar town I knew I was in huge trouble. I was on the complete opposite side of where I was supposed to be. I had to call my friend and ask her to pick my son up at school because I really did not know where I was, but recognized the town name, I had very little gas left in my car and I was starting to panick.



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