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Josh Joining Warner Brothers in Movie

on April 23, 2010 - 6:12pm

I am so excited! I cannot wait until the movie is released, whatever the title is going to be. I am going to squeal through the entire movie.

I get a feeling we will be getting a big blast of Josh entertainment all at once. Life is good.

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Life's Little Challenges

on April 22, 2010 - 6:13pm

Nobody ever said that life was going to be easy and I am so glad because I hate big surprises.

We are only in month #4 of the year. The first three months were stressful because the government was threatening or in their words, giving employees with many years of service an "incentive" to retire. Needless to say, the house did not pass their "incentive".

Month #4 I was served with a Summons and Complaint on a student loan that my daughter had that was never paid on. So, I frantically contacted an attorney that I have known since forever and he has been helping me wind that down.

I left work at noon today because I had to life left in me whatsoever. I felt so weak and tired. Went home and to bed. Took my son to the carnival after track and we got home at 8 p.m.

Now today, my son tells me he and some other 4th graders got in trouble with the track coach for taking Pop Tarts that belonged to the housekeeping staff. My son watched the kids take them, but he ate two of them. I am not a happy right now.

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Another Day in Paradise

on April 14, 2010 - 6:45pm

I was so excited last night with the thought of a few drug dealers going down, some of them being our clients. Just like visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. Then I got to work this morning. Since I forgot to put a specific condition on one of our peeps orders, we could not keep him in jail. Believe you me, he has five more restrictions now. I kicked myself. I can't believe did that.

Another Hallmark moment next week, Administrative Professional Day. One day out of the year meant to remind the bigger people on the chain that they need to say thank you to the pee-on's. This pee-on has screwed up so much lately, she does not deserve a thing. I am trying to figure out how to gently put it to the men in my office that I am not interested.

I put my Bushnell binocular-camera in my car this morning. I am bound and determined to use it this week.

It is quite late, 9:42 p.m. and I have only had a banana with peanut butter. Time to find something for dinner and go to bed.

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Poor Joan

on April 13, 2010 - 8:01pm

My days are so full of surprises. Saturday: My son told me he had to write a biography which was due on the 12th, Monday and dress the tag board cutout person. He chose Joan of Arc. The book has to have been written in the 1950's and is clearly not at my son's reading level. I do not speak French, well I know how to say "Shut Up You Dirty Pig", and a lot of names are French. The book is a little advanced. Since I have not had to write a biography in quite some time, I browsed the computer and found absolutely nothing useful. I wasted my whole day. Sunday: Wasted most of my day looking for information. My son's ADHD and Sensory Integration problems kidnapped my son's brain and he refused to do anything. So, that left me, the ancient book and very little on the computer about writing biography. Once I completed the report on an elementary level, I decided it was time to print it. My printer has been acting up for about a year. Well it acted up alright. It downright died. So, I had to run into town and buy a new printer.

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on April 10, 2010 - 5:39pm

This past week was frustrating, but I got through it. Yippee...

I have wasted a lot of time today browsing the internet on the mine explosion in West Virginia and How to Write a Biography.

I first feel the need to mention how horrible I feel for the miners and their families. Mining is such a dangerous job and those who have chosen that career are very brave. Next, I have to say that our government has failed one more time. The mining company is at fault for the lost lives. However, Federal regulators warned the company at least 60 times in 2009 to get their act together or they would be shut down. Why 60 times and why wasn't that mine shut down? The Federal regulators who did not shut them down and the Mining Company CEO's, etc. have to live with the loss of these innocent men for the rest of their lives. No second chances.



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