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Sur - price

on December 12, 2010 - 1:01am

Too corny to read - sound really made up so don't bee- lieve it peas!

I've met you before since February 13 when I was 27
After my mom passed
I have no rhyms to say why that
I met a hair without a face
Much like your's
He was tall
Embrace me in split seconds
Too long

Never saw your face
Not once
It was a February
Am I lost
Or con-fuse
Asking who
Or what
or maybe not!

To the One
The One above

It's no fun chasing hair
When you see it on Luke
And Moe

I gave my life to the One
What more can I ask for more
I thought I'd be done by 29
My life is blessed
With and without someone!

Yet when I asked again
I was already 30 and He said
There is some one

I just want a little sophie
I've met not one
Luke was my crazy crush

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Funny or die-Erry

on December 10, 2010 - 8:06am

Ray Have tells Jacob of her she-Cret Diary with the free layers by
Bridges Josh die-Erry! Featuring a CD called Ex-press You-self on
You tube! Jacob meets Jack. Nick goes Layers oops lawyers for free foundation. Jacob jet sets to dis-cover father's life in the amazon. Manuel is missionary comedian stand up comic! The naked truth of it all Jacob's father got caught in the drug-lords jealousy over truths in comic skits freeing them from paramilitary activity. Jacobs real name is Elijah! Father performs in an 8 sided chapels or centers for entertainment. While Elijah was nursed by different women around the world. He meets old friends and mothers along the way. He looks just like his father with curly hair!

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Ray Hab

on December 9, 2010 - 6:43am

Jacob met with the mayor and with a firm handshake.
( story continues later)
Then Nick introduced Jacob to Mrs. Hoffman played by Kathleen turner.
Use ur imagin-nation!
Transaction over by reuniting Mrs and Mr. Hoffman a la (enchantment movie)
Attorney Hoffman settles trust fund for Jacob who he sets up for charity by 40 % and gives Nick 40% for establishing the Firm in honor of the late Mr. Parker.

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Lady Lacy

on December 7, 2010 - 5:42pm

Lacy is a gem
I knew back when in pain she cries
She lost her favorite daughter
She was depressed and almost out of life
She has a beautiful name
It's lovely and sweet

I took care of her
Till she made it out of the room
Like flower on a bloom

Despite her age
She is a beauty
Blond and blue eyed
What a cutie!

She can speak like a teenager
Laughs like like a young woman
Sharp as a tack
She may even call your past and future
Just like that

She gets seizures and much pain
But with me she's happy
I'd take her out and sing her songs
Put on her make up and laugh along

We were vain
We were happy
I dress her up
To the tee
And call her my queen
And Lady!

She tells me story with such
We speak of boys, lovers and
Tons of history

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Rest and Dream

on December 7, 2010 - 9:45am

It's okay to dream and just be Josh. Sometimes the world can wait a while. Even Jesus rested. I love you as a human being not a He man!

You have eyes one can rest on..,
Mine sure does rest on yours alone...
You're songs the greatest gift of all
No scarf necessary...
My blessings from my heart to yours
You are the greatest love of all...

Cheers Love!




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