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Cup Cake

on December 7, 2010 - 4:18am

I have so many cute subscribers some may also be familiar to you Josh! Very Very cute... If my Unicorn had a chain it sure got a good yankin. But of course
best greeter Jayde666 from U-tube - Blue Cookie Monster inviting friends. She is an all time best goofy- dancing with the star on stage...Then there's Josh 7711 - He's the best yeller!
achzdck's Channel is also great - just like a twilight zone! He's very green and loves pot! I'm learning not to send people to the twilight zone and not judge.

Best Britney in Brits impersonation "I can't pick up the phone!"

Apokalypse's He-Bro - best superhero

Astro27 - Best baby bunny's; Best Photon Glass singing like Marcel (She can ring my bell....Ring my bell...) or (Sea shell my bell...)

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on December 7, 2010 - 3:45am

Nick and Jacob arrived at the Octagon Club in New York. Estella and her cousin Monica came to meet up with Nick and Jake. Nick makes a nice gesture of greeting Estella with a kiss on her hand for sheer flattery. Estella quite pleased and introduces Monica with long silken black hair. For a moment Jacob recalls Celeste as she was leaving and her hair flowing down. Monica is beautiful with a hard core New York demeanor - a business woman, fast talker and snappy.
All four were seated on a VIP table overlooking a stage for Comedy skit.
Socks comes flying in the air as two men in their half dressed outfit puts on their working clothes. Their names on the shirt Mark & Spencer.
Music intro...
Ta tat tad a
Ta tat tad a
Ta tat tad
Ta tat ta da
Holy Tuxedo
Markie Markie

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Shakespear Pub

on December 5, 2010 - 2:12pm

It's a dreamin'
Josh on U-streamin
It's I'm an Alice in Wonder land
among the bunny land

I saw cymbals
I saw drums
The violins and ciellos
All in a harmonious trance

The girls are writtin'
I couldn't hear before
Finally I heard you
I can go home in awe!

Swedish hello
Hej[most common], Hejsan, Hallå, Morsning[informal], Tja[very informal], Tjenare[very informal], Tjena[very informal], Tjabba[very informal]

I love you in Swedish!
Jag älskar dig

i gotta tell my friend Katarina Flodin - you are going to Sweden!

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Back in the Corporate World

on December 5, 2010 - 11:01am

Nick arrived at the Rehab center to bring Jake back to the world. Jake bewildered and eager to get home grabs a handful of stuff heading out of to the spiral staircase. As they hit the SUV parked right outside, Jake slams Nick to a tackle..."I had to be a stupid Joe from Brooklyn...Brooklyn!!" Nick laughs, "Fits you perfectly while you were under repair!"

Nick takes him to his highrise apartment penthouse in the middle of New York Manhattan.

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Chateau Beyong the Wilderness

on December 5, 2010 - 2:59am

The Chateau
Out of the Wilderness
Jacqueline Illera

The Chateau
Out of the Wilderness
Jacqueline Illera

Voce Existe Em Mim
Water and raindrops dissipates and replaced by drumbeats coming from a chateau in the outskirts of New York Suburbia. A man on his 27th birthday in mid – September drums out his agony from a recent death of his successful distant father who was a famous judge in New York City. He was a former veteran who rescued Jacob from the Amazon jungle after his real father has fallen from the hands of the druglords – paramilitary.



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