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on September 6, 2012 - 12:37am

Got an invite for Stand Up here in Marin. Del Van Dyke is coming so it should be great. I can do my skit like I used to. It's gonna be fun on the 14th of September. I'll be inviting some friends. I'll be incorporating some of my concert trips just for the fun of it. I might do one on twittering Josh Groban. It might be too much to discuss Quickie song...I'm not sure if the audience is ready for my Soprano Bit. I'd like to buy the world a Josh..And furnish it with grass! Grow poppy seed and honey bees...And snow white turtle doves... (now I don't mean to hurt any feeling...I just happen to have these pop in my head and it's the darn naughty fingers fault to write them here!)

I sure hope I don't butcher the songs. I promise to light up the stage. Perhaps with a still-a-toe!

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ET for Fun

on September 4, 2012 - 1:39am

Professor Lee bumped into Principal Shawn at the football lawn during the field orientation for Pet A Looma HIgh School. Wanda "OOOHh!" Wanda dropping her tray of bagels as the principal managed to catch the bagels from falling and held one hand on Wanda as slipped. Wanda straightened out her heels which was crooked on the grass. Wanda looked really embarrassed as Principal Shawn say, "Good Morning Ms. Lee!" Wanda, "I'm so sorry Shawn!" She straightens out her skirt and took a breath. Wanda, " I should never have put on these high heels." Principal Shawn looked found himself staring at her feet longer than necessary with her side slipped skirt stretched. For a split second he pictured Ms. Lee dressed up as a seductive Chinese woman in traditional outfit.

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ET for Fun!

on September 2, 2012 - 2:18pm

Wanda, "Good Morning! How are things going girls?"
Corine and Mai, "Good Morning Ms. Lee!"
Mai gives a grin as she and Corine reads over the Story of Ally ( the Bratty Cupid).

Corine, "We are making waves on this piesce of story...I can't wait for the puppetry to be develop...Ally will have her blue pampers and safety pins and a collection of lizard tails!"

Mai, "Don't give up the story yet..."

Meanwhile, Luke and Demitry are working on the NY City Subway comedy and morphing lyrics from Justin Bieber, Cielo Green, Josh Groban, Adel and Rumer. Demitry, "Who is Rumer?"
Luke, " I heard about her on the British Channel when I was in England...I think she's gonna get really big like Adel?"
Demetry, " She's a big one?"
Luke, "LIke she's Phat?''

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It's a Marathon...

on September 1, 2012 - 2:30am

Let's see...Where was I? Yes, I'm in California now and working my tail off! 9 hr days is not an easy task especially when one has to fix so many stiff joints. If only I get paid more in outpatient that would be good. Mind you, I miss New York. I'm getting really good at straightening people up, I could set up a shop for postural control and I bet I could make singers sing spectacularly. Musicians of all kinds could definitely benefit from the endorphins I could give.

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Yes! Finally Studio!

on August 28, 2012 - 2:16am

I'm really excited about Josh's new CD. I'm hoping more people can give words of praises and thoughts of inspiration as this CD is developed. Nothing like worldwide expectation to turn a music into a Poperatic phenomenon.



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