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My Love For Josh

on February 28, 2011 - 7:37pm

The first time I heard Josh sing was at the closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics. And ever since then I have Lived,loved and or hear his breathed Josh. I use to be in the BMG music club and any time I would ask my friends to listen to Josh's CD the self titled Cd I would order Josh's Cd and give it to that person as a gift.And now to this day people tell me that when they hear anything about Josh Groban they tell me is they think of me. SUCCESS is what I will call that. To be associated with anything about Josh and they think of me is as high a compliment as I could ask for. I recently was in Federal prison for 32 months. The worse thing besides being away from my family was the fact that I didn't get to listen to Josh when I wanted.

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