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A night to remember in Edmonton.

on September 3, 2011 - 9:22am

So close, yet so far! The mission to complete bucket list item #82 failed. Am I sad about it? Not really and that's because last night was one of the most amazing concert experiences I had and I am still grinning ear to ear.
I keep telling everyone that I would give anything to be back in my exact seat, reliving every moment last night.
Being that I was able to complete #20 on the list...Being a VIP at a concert...I couldn't be more elated. When we got to our seats, which were in second row, I sat there in awe. I had never been this close to such a big scale production, let alone one being put on by my all time favourite performer.

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The day has arrived!

on September 2, 2011 - 7:47am

Some times I forget what it feel like to be a little kid on Christmas morning. Well this morning I got up and felt that exact feeling for the first time in countless years.
As I said to my friends "It's Josh Groban Day in my little world!!!".

While on the boards the other night and in the midst of checking to see if I was lucky enough again this week to win the meet and greet with Josh, I sadly found that I hadn't, but had recognized another screen name. I was quick to grab my phone and contact a very good friend of mine from University.

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on August 30, 2011 - 9:18pm

Well the plan for today was to go into crafting mode and create my masterpiece poster. Plans changed.
I truly believe that if I wasn't called into work I would have missed the chance to enter a local contest. I really didn't think I was going to win as I had entered similar contests many times over and never won. I think it was all meant to be this time. I entered this contest and walked away for a couple hours to come back to messages bombarding my inbox.

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The experience is drawing near...

on August 27, 2011 - 8:55am

So yesterday was finally the milestone on the countdown week till Josh.
As expected, my excitement level has grown as I received my email of the VIP procedures. This is going to be quite the experience! What I have failed to do in preparation for this day still, is make what I call "the most epic concert poster ever"!
I still have a few days to get the creative juices flowing, but I know it's going to be good in the long run.

Only 6 sleeps till show time!!!

L. =D

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Bring out the crayons and poster board!

on August 12, 2011 - 9:37am

I making countdowns to things, but it always gets me more excited about the upcoming event. It is the part after that I hate the most...the counting of how many days since the event happened.

A couple days ago I figured it was about time that I start making a motion to complete bucket list item number #82. Ideas have been brewing and lists are starting to be made on the supplies that I need to purchase.
I can honestly say I have never been so determined in my life to complete some that I would consider so cheesy...this would be a flashy sign.
I figured if this is the one thing that will help me towards completing a bucket list item, will it really hurt me to make it. Nope! Plus I am thinking I will have a little fun with it anyway.



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