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vijaykumar's picture
on December 6, 2009 - 6:42am

Here I sit on a beautiful sunny,, sunday morning. The yard is dusted with snow and in several spots snow angels made by neighborhood kids decorate the yard. Normally I love this time of year, but this year it seems so depressing. 2009 hasn't been kind. Starting in January with my granfather falling ill and passing away in April. The 4 months of in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. He is sadly missed as I tried to bake cookies yesterday the tears fell becaseu I miss baking for him and watching him enjoy every morsel with his coffee with the twinkle in his bright blue eyes. A failing marriage and living with what I call "in house arrest" a foreclosure notice in June because someone wasn't paying bills, putting my dog to sleep in July and now filing for divorce and trying to figure out where my life goes from here. Oh and then there is the credit card issue where my son wracked up $300 on video games and then helped 4 other kids vandelize a vehicle that cost me another $500.
bring on 2010 in hopes that is it better

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