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New plans!

on September 19, 2010 - 7:56am

I have begun a new diet to loose weight and get to a healthy size for my 5'3 frame! It is going to be hard to not cheat, but this time I have a support from the staff and fellow co-workers. I am determined to loose the weight and keep it off. They even did one of those computer generated pictures to show me what I can look like just loosing 20% of what I want to loose. What a motivation!!! Plus, I have a huge trip coming up in Feb. to help celebrate my 30th birthday and I want to look great for it!!!! It is a bit expensive (the diet) but I am willing to sacrifice to make it work this time!

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on September 14, 2010 - 6:41am

As fall rolls into Northern MN I become such a happy person. Most people who live here complain about the cold, but I love it. Fall seems to be a time for me to reflect on the past year. I have been blessed. A divorce that should have happend years ago finally went into play and finalized this winter. I am glad I was strong enough to go through it and sometimes Josh's music was all I had. I was able to purchase a manufactured home in a safe community. Not where I want to be, but none the less, it's mine and it works as a temporary shelter for me, the kids and 2 dogs. I have also been blessd to meet the most wonderful man in the world. Corey is kind, generous, thoughtful, helpful, understanding and just plain incredible. he'd deny all of that because he's humble. We are able to be ourselves with each other. I had to laugh at him last night when he called and asked if I wanted to come over. I knew he and his daughter haven't had one on one time since they came back from their vacation. So I asked him if he wanted that time alone with Abby. His comment "I didn't want to offend you". My golly, I would never be offended if he wanted some time with her.

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funny josh story

on August 4, 2010 - 8:08am

Hi Everyone,
Been ages since I've been here. Any word on a release date yet? I'm anxiously waiting to hear the studio version of Hidden Away.
I have a funny Josh story to share.
Last Sunday me and the kids were driving home from our annual camping trip to Temperance River. If any of you have been up the North Shore of Lake Superior you know that it is nothing but glacier rock so radio reception is horrible for about 50 miles. We were caught in between 2 stations and of course that stupid I Want to be a Billionare song had to come one. My kids know that I can't stand it so they were rubbing it in when all of a sudden the other radio station came in loud and clear playing You Raise Me Up. Both my kids stopped with their mouths hanging down to the floor as I started bellowing away (yeah that is pretty much what it is) for the duration of the two songs we'd each get a few lines and it would switch back. I looked at the kids and said "where else in the world can you go and get the best of BOTH worlds?"



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