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Of School, My "Accent", Lack of Water, Tangled Gardens, and Shtuff

on August 29, 2006 - 4:52pm

So uhm... today... I did a crapload of schoolwork. I got done with what I had to do around 11, and I either had to sit and do nothing and be bored, or do a lot of extra... so I did a lot of extra.

My mom talked to the one teacher about my subjects... He said he accidentally gave my sister higher Math and English than she was supposed to have. And he took away my Biology PACE because he saw on my record that I did it... I need a social studies course. He said Pudgy Bear had planned out what I was supposed to do for the rest of highschool... but they couldn't get it to print off or something. He said he was gonna get it then talk to me about it. (And when he saw the credits I have he said something about maybe graduating... but needing to finish 4 more remedial Math PACEs then at least doing Algebra... so I dunno. Maybe I'll be upgraded to senior...) He never did, though. So I guess I'll need to ask him about it tomorrow.

We had gym, but it kept drizzling. So most of the highschoolers hung out under the uhm... sheltered part of the outside of the building and laid around while the one teacher stood there...
We were talking about our heritage at one point... I said the thing about me being German and Austrian, with a little English, Scottish, and Jewish, and the teacher asked if I had an accent, because she thought I did. I said I dunno...

When I met the girls from that one youth group I went to, one of them said something about liking my accent... I thought that was weird.

But, I notice that my brother, dad, some of my cousins, and I kind of talk weird... kind of a vowel distorting/dragging out and occasional R barking thing.

Uhm... I guess we might have something... because my dad's... grandparents I think immigrated here from Austria and Germany (well, They lived in Austria for a little while after they got married and she was from Germany...)... so something might've been passed down. Yeah... good old great grampa "Ferdindo"...

Oh, some salesman just invented yet annother way to say my last name.
"Is there a Frank Armageddees here?"
That's not even remotely right. Our name starts with EG... to give you a hint how bad that was...

Oh, and my dad got a letter a week or so ago. To "The" deceased "parents of Frank (lastname)" Someone wanted him to be an exchange student to China.

Uhm... anyway... so I was kinda talking about gym... and there's one good thing... we get to wear these jean skirts and school ball shirts every Tuesday, even if they don't have gym (which is pretty much all winter). So that's nice... no pantyhose either... sneakers instead of dress shoes... it's nice.

Uhm... so that's about it I guess. Except for I finally went on the dot and I feel all tired/achy... yeah...

Very tired and achy... my mom says I should take a nap, but with about 3 hours left until I want to go to sleep, I don't really think that's a good idea.

So uhm... I've being lazing around mostly... I had to go feed my rabbits though.
And I ate some tomatoes while I was out there... we have this 8' x 3'x 2' patch of twisted vines covered in baby tomatoes that's been producing ripe tomatoes for like a month now... and it's still making little new ones...
Kind of like the 20' x 2' patch of solid lettuce we had and couldn't nearly keep up with... that's about a foot high now and there's all these random raddish leaves or something...
I think my dad kinda over-did the veggie planting. I guess that's just what happens when you plant seeds 4 times closer to each other than the package says... I guess it works though, because we actually grew stuff this time... We need to open a lettuce and tomatoes stand next time though...

My mom went to a parent-teacher conference. She's gonna ask if I can bring books to school to read... one of the elementary girls had Chronicles of Narnia. So I guess I'll be able to... I want to read LotR again, and what better way to read it and finish than by reading for four hours a day with nothing else to do but work yourself into insanity...

... Our water is brokeded. No water. Our pump... the pipes right around the pump... it all kinda went boom.
My dad's playing plumber right now. He says he can get it fixed today. Hopefully he can and it doesn't turn out like the shower thing (no shower for 4 months because my parents goofed around A LOT...)

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mmm yeah

on August 29, 2006 - 3:23am

I talked to my boyfriend this morning and earlier this evening...we got pretty intimate on the phone....I cant wait to see him! Anyway someone set off the fire alarm last night at like 11.30! Talk about annoying and it was freezing cold!!

Only a few days left til the ball.......I had better do some laundry tomorrow cos I gotta pack my room on Friday to be ready for Sunday!

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on August 28, 2006 - 8:16pm

Today was definately a better day, even though I did nothing.

I have a headache that hasn't gone away for 4 days no matter what I do, but today it was less of a migrane and more of a nauseous headache.

I did nothing today. Well, actually, I organised the pantry, made a blanket and then spent the entire day watching Kyle XY on ABC Family, and now I have to wait until next summer (the next season) to find out what's really going on. *sigh*

Also, I found out that when The Office starts up in September, it will be in real time, so it's like The Office in September, the enitre summer gone by. It makes me nervous for the Pam/Jim situation, because Pam and Roy's wedding was scheduled for June/July.

Anywhoodles, I have work tomorrow, so I'm gonna go, and hope I can get some sleep.

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School Sucks.

on August 28, 2006 - 2:19pm

Okay... school sucked.

Like 15 kids left... and there aren't any new kids.

The new high school teacher/principal thingy... not really much to say about her. Unless she's in the Mennonite mafia or something, she just seems really quiet and boring...

Today we pretty much went over the rules, then sat outside and were bored. We had a pretty icky picnic for lunch... weird tasting hot dogs, pasta salad that no one wanted to eat, goopy taco salad, mud pudding with extremely weird-tasting spots (rosemary?), and some chips and stuff.
Johnny put all the stuff on a hot dog and poured soda on top. Emily ate some. Johnny said my sister and I look gothic in our uniforms.

Uhm... we also don't have lockers. We had open wood ones and they got wet and messed up. So they ordered new ones but they didn't come yet. They're supposed to come in like two weeks... and until then we can't bring backpacks. So I guess we can't bring CD players, since those need to be in our backpacks...

Then, there's my schoolwork.
I'm two years older than my sister and I'm in lower Math than my sister and 1 test ahead of my sister in English, and they gave me Biology even though I already had that when I was home schooled.

So, I'm either not graduating next year, or graduating next year with a crappy education.
Or my parents are gonna ask why I'm in lower work than my sister even though I'm older, smarter, and work harder.

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Ok Ok Ok

on August 28, 2006 - 10:13am

So, still haven't listened to Josh's music in well.. ages. Summer has come and gone, and yet I am still here at home- well work. I have put off college for a semester cause my dad is sick again and I kinda know how to take care of his company. I don't really mind, I have a couple of friends who are rather dissappointed, and one REALLY saddeded boyfriend (it's an 8 hr travel home so...) Anyway, we have the phone nad internet- what more do we need for the timebeing.

Anywho, popped into the forums, totally the same amount of drama as when I was here makingit... seems getting rid of Mary and Journey didn't make much of a difference.

there were some people who left me such pretty comments with my last journal, thank you, they just proved that people don't know when to give up... and I could tell that on the forums as well. Though it kinda bugs me that some of these fans treat Josh like he's Jesus... I wonder if sometimes, he wishes that his fans would treat him like a normal human being... prolly does..

Anywho, I have to finish up work and then go manage a band, get them ready for their concert tonight *glee*




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