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on December 18, 2009 - 7:06am

i dont post on here very much...i am making a new years resolution early to try a little harder. Christmas time is just around the corner and i am so not feeling it; not sure why though; oh well it will come around. I am however very excited to get to see my family at my cousins college graduation tomorrow; then getting to spend time with both my parents (which is hard because they are divorced and dont talk(more my dad than mom) and i dont really get along with my dad he is not the easiest to like and i dont really like my stepmom)but hey who can complain I get two Christmas(i enjoy the food because my parent cook very different). I digress.

I came on here to really wish all of you on here a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. I also wanted to thank you for all you support and help though what ever happened this year, and i hope and will try to be there for all of you in the coming years. I have never experienced a place where people are so supportive of people they have in some cases never met...

So here is what i am Thankful for this Holiday Season: My family, my friend, my health, my happiness, and all of you on this site. I think with out you i would still be looking for a place to turn.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Love y'all
Mandi Jo

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