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on March 21, 2014 - 8:48pm

This past year was just plain nuts for me. Okay, so maybe I wasn't lucky in some ways but I was in others.

For me it was a year of being shunned by family and some friends. Let this be a lesson: Just because your parental units have open minds, it doesn't mean the rest of their family will. Of course with me, it's my dad's side that is close-minded. Sometimes I wonder how the hell my dad ended up so normal. That was the most heartbreaking thing EVER.

Of course the worst was the fact that I almost lost my mom. I said ALMOST. In June 2013 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We found out after they removed the rest of her thyroid the following month (they did it in two sections because they didn't think she had cancer in the first place) that it was stage 1B which is REALLY good because that means no radiation/radioactive treatments at all. The worst came in August when she had an abscess and got really sick. An amazing surgeon at our local hospital was able to remove the pus but never found out what caused it because of surgical mesh. The mesh became faulty and she was sent to another hospital where a surgeon in January found out that it was her appendix that ruptured. She should have died in August but didn't. Thank mom's the biggest support I have.

No really, she is. She and I went through a lot. She's the one that fights for the people she loves. Of course everyone is like, "Look out for Debbie. She might be a nice lady but she can be a spitfire." But everyone who knows me knows I love her.

Of course throughout the whole thing, my mom & I had one song we always listened to: Brave. Provided it's her older sister, Diane who's the Grobanite but my mom appreciates a great singer when she hears one and that was the case with Josh. Of course sometimes I'll read things from his Twitter and my mom will be like "That's sounds like something you'd say, Marie." I keep telling her it's a generational thing since he's not that much younger than me.

During this time I found something interesting: Grobanites know about courage. I thought about this when I was at the November 3 show at the Wells Fargo Center. I really felt like I didn't fit in or anything and then I met this lady who was there with her daughters. We started talking and I found out they were from the same part of the Philly suburbs as me and the lady was telling me about how she beat breast cancer which I could understand fully because of not only my mom's thyroid cancer victory but also because I had a friend at the time who was battling lung cancer.

I also met some people through Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr that are just purely amazing. A lot of them have been through a lot of things in their lives and that really was interesting since a lot of it was so relatable for me. Even now with my life calming down, I'm still in awe over these wonderful people.

This past Thursday (March 20, 2014), I turned 36. It was really interesting to see how many Grobanites sent me birthday wishes through the various social networks and I even saw one had the same birthday as me. Since I'm for the most part a selfless person, I decided to do something silly for our shared birthday and took a photo of Josh from the Muppets Most Wanted premiere where he's got a Kermit The Frog on his shoulder and made it where Kermit was saying that he & Josh were wishing the both of us a happy birthday. Needless to say the friend got a kick out of it.

I'm still going through a lot. April 5, 2014 will be two years since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a nerve disorder that I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. It slowed me down quite a bit but it has not stopped me. I even volunteer at the local hospital and I even asked about helping out with a new program they want to start at the hospital to help patients feel better about being there. Once again I am being selfless.

I know I have a lot to conquer this year. Around Christmas, I had a knee injury aggravated and a hip issue happen when I was walking the dog and this bloodhound came after the both of us and would not let up despite my efforts to get my dog away. I kept screaming for the owner who I could see in the shadows to get his dog but he didn't. Of course later I found out it was a friend of a relative who does not like me very much but he denied it and wouldn't "own up to it."

I didn't do anything about it until recently because I was taking care of my mom. I had to. No wait let me rephrase that...I wanted to. She's the Lorelei to my Rory (if you've seen Gilmore Girls, you'll get that) so I had to be there. This month I went to an orthopedic surgeon who said that he thinks the injury caused some arthritis and even bursitis to set in so I have to see another type of doctor. I also may have some more serious nerve conditions but I don't know. I do know, however, that I'm determined to get to the bottom of it and fight like the dickens.

I keep thinking of that lyric in Brave: You can't hide forever from the thunder, look into the storm and feel the rain. For me that's a battle cry. I hope it's one for the rest of you.

And I hope I also get to fight this battle with some Grobanites in my corner.

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