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It's a short jaunt from "stylishly wavy" to "freakshow frizzout"

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on September 30, 2010 - 2:27pm

Over the years, I've become completely dependent on a very specific salon hair product that is chemically balanced just perfectly for my fine, curly hair. In fact, it's worked so well that I dared to shorten the length into a stylized bob with just the right amount of wave.
Recently, I've decided to grow my hair out for one last time. And more recently, that hair-care line on which I stake my fashion-ability was completely redesigned. The new line does not have the one product that was my Godsend, my saving grace from frizz, my curl-enhancing, lightly fruity scented must-have.

The timing could not be more disastrous. My hair has reached that awkward length.....just past chin, not quite to shoulder. Oh the horror of the pending doom.

I've been combing salons across the galaxy (or the greater Tampa area, whichever comes first) to locate the leftover bottles of this retired curl-boosting buddy. Last weekend, I realized I was on my very very last can. I verbally, I mean queried, a few more salons in a quest for that glorious nectar that keeps me feeling slightly-sophisticated. Alas, there was no joy in curlville.

Yesterday, in deep dark despair, I laid to rest the last empty can. There was a lovely service, the shedding of several tears, and a 21 aerosol salute.

Today, I tried a new product. It seemed like it might be alright....until my hair dried and started to mushroom out like some sort of nuclear cloud. this afternoon, I purchased another half dozen bottles of product. Perhaps if one does not do the trick, I can try to make some chem-lab concoction. However, if you hear of some terrific explosion of unknown cause, please pick a color and wear a ribbon for the curly-haired souls and the quest for hair-product perfection.

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