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The kid, the Tampa show and Elew

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on October 29, 2011 - 9:19am

Last night, I took the 11YrOld to the Josh Groban show.
He's a bit of a budding musician and has been taking piano since he was six. I started him there because he was always drumming around in the backseat, keeping up with the songs on the radio, so I thought some formal training on a piano with theory was a good place to start. (and yes, i think drums are in the near future after a recent visit to Sam Ash and a stroll with a pair of sticks through the percussion section) My son is always messing around the keys and probably spends as much time changing the songs he's supposed to be learning/reading than actually playing them 'straight'.

We really enjoyed Mr. Groban's performance and as usual, spent a lot of time watching the other musicians as well (especially given our great seats so close to the stage!) When I take him to a show, I have just as much fun watching him as I do watching the performers. The boy especially loved Machine and couldn't stay in his seat during Weeping and also got a big charge out of the percussion pieces. Overall, great show. Loved it.

But for the boy, I think the Elew performance was as much of the event as anything else. It was a thrill for him to hear so many songs he knows, played in a way that was fun, interesting, and unconventional. And the kid has a wicked sense of humor, so there were moments when he caught the 'irony' of the blended tunes and just laughed out loud (sorry lady in front of us who didn't get it and gave us odd looks).
It's safe to say: the kid was inspired. So special thanks to whoever at camp Groban got Elew involved in the tour. Brilliant choice.

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