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Moline's Musical Memories

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on February 19, 2011 - 8:11pm

It's been nearly a hundred years since I've posted anything in here.
Perhaps I'm exaggerating, given that a hundred years ago I wasn't even alive. So tonight I will write a wee bit.....with the caveat that I am a titch tipsy. After an amazingly intense week, I had a cocktail with dinner. Okay, it was two cocktails, which is usually no issue. But holy kanoli, since when do these things come in a water glass?

I digress. I swear I had a reason for wanting to write in here today. What the heck was it?

Oh yeah.
I was pleased to see Moline on the list of early concert venues. I grew up in that neck of the, cornfields or whatever. In fact, when I go visit my family, I fly into the Moline International Airport (international? Dunno why. BUT there are TWO whole luggage carousels...well, at least since about 1999).
This particular arena (where Mr. Groban will be performing) holds memories that are near and dear to me. Since there are not many concert venues in that area, most of my early concert experiences were there.....from Aerosmith to the Boston Pops. Wait, that's only from A to B. Quick, someone give me a Z band! From Aerosmith to ZZ Top? Hm, I've never seen ZZ Top in concert. We did do a kickline number to a ZZ Top song once back in my dancing days.
Digressing again. Back on track. .....
I remember how the music....loud and clear echoing off the walls.....made me feel alive. The electric energy of rock bands to the serenity of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.....the notes sank into my soul and swirled around me. My love affair with music and live performance was first fully realized in the seats of that venue.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to the Moline Concert. However, for those of you who will be able to attend, I sincerely hope you enjoy the show and have a concert experience that resonates for many years to come. Wave to the river for me.

kind thoughts and warm wishes

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