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Status: finding me, half-way there

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on July 17, 2010 - 8:51pm

The world is noisy.
Traffic and sirens and low-flying jets and uninvited bass-thumping and demanding voices and phones ringing and uncooperative appliances.

I have been in the thick of this kind of noise....the kind that consumes your mind and heart to the point of no longer hearing your own voice. I needed to hear find my pulse among the erratic rhythms of a ceaseless pace.

So, I planned a respite.....a week wherein the only agenda includes visiting family members, communing with hummingbirds, and getting caught up on reading.

The trip did not begin well.....a 2:30 AM phone call forewarned me of canceled flights. The airline had graciously rescheduled us. However, I was bringing my son on the journey and they had plans to send him through Memphis while I was to go through Atlanta. Once I had that issue resolved, I journeyed to my car for the 5 AM airport commute, only to find a flat tire. The rest of the day reads like a Murphy's Law lesson on all things that can go wrong and/or be an inconvenience. By the end of the day, I was ecstatic to be at my destination, although that thrill was thoroughly tempered by exhaustion.

I came back to what my brother and I lovingly refer to as "ye olde homestead"....a 2.5 story farmhouse on a gravel road surrounded by corn fields in the heart of Iowa farmland.

It's quiet. There's no hustle. No traffic. No demands.
Only the sounds of birds and the wind in my hair and the laughter of the 10-year-old boy.
I drink in the scent of the grass and foliage untainted by pollution or concrete. I bask in the sun in a wicker chair whose age is undoubtedly greater than my own.
And I listen to the wind as it washes over me.....letting it set my pulse, allowing it to remind me of my true center.

A few more days, and it will be back at the heart of me.

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