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on September 18, 2011 - 8:55pm

I listen to Josh's music nearly every day, especially in the car. I have a 20 mile drive to work; mornings are especially my quiet/devotional time, but coming home at night, often seeing moose or bears and sometimes foxes or wolves along the way, I usually have Josh's CDs on. I'm thinking about the best parts of my day, what's coming up next, and singing along. Some of his poignant, intense songs make me want to learn Italian.

My sister, who is a year older than I, has had a few strokes. The last one left her with a weakened right leg and the inability to listen to music! It is just too much sensory stimulation for her. I had never considered such a disability until she shared it with me this summer, and I cannot imagine my life without music - playing in my church band, whistling, playing my harmonica on a camp-out, or just peacefully singing along with Josh while driving. It makes me incredibly sad for my sister, whom I have always adored, and I pray that I never face such a challenge.

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