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I've got a book published!!! (and I quote josh's music in it)

Aleth017's picture
on January 10, 2014 - 5:09am

So, last december my first book got published!! Yei!!! Some of the inspiration, for some of the chapters came from Josh's music (My heart was home again, Weeping) and since I'm a good grobanite, I decided that I wanted the people who reads this book to know that. It was my way to say thanks to Josh. Hopefully those who read me, may see the quote and say "hum, I want to listen to this!" and they will go to find the songs, and then they will fall in love with Josh's voice too.

So, if anyone of you speaks or reads spanish my book "Nakupenda" can be found as an eBook here:

Greetings ;)

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