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That First Meeting

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on February 21, 2011 - 3:06pm

It all came together so perfectly. First, Closer was released. Then, a few days later, tickets for Josh’s Toronto concert of the Closer tour went on sale… followed by Josh’s appearance and signing session at the Sherway Gardens Mall later that very same day! It was almost too good to be true.

One rather early rise later, I was standing in line, waiting for the store to open, where I would purchase the tickets for my very first Josh Groban concert. Oh, the excitement was unbelievable… magnified by the knowledge that right after getting my tickets, I would rush off to the mall and wait for the chance to actually meet Josh!

And so I did just that. I arrived a good number of hours before Josh’s scheduled appearance and a good thing I did, too, for I found myself towards the beginning of what would turn out to be an insanely large mass of people, all with the same desire as I; to glimpse that amazing person with a heart-warming voice. As more and more people started to arrive, as it got closer and closer to that special time, the excitement grew. It’s so difficult to put into words the experience, the energy enveloping this one mall in a suburb of Toronto, fuelled by the love and admiration of countless number of people. This bubble of energy continued to swell, reaching near frantic proportions, but it was a good energy. Every one of us was there for the same reason; to show our admiration and support and express our heart-felt thanks to the young man that has given us so much… anything else, was just icing on the cake.

It all seems like a blur, over way too soon, yet those few short seconds when we got to meet Josh, shake his hand and thank him for all his hard work and his gift to us were absolutely, positively and totally well worth the hours spent waiting in line. I now realize how, before that time, very little I knew of him as a person… but that was when I began to learn of his kind heart. I remember an older lady in a wheelchair clutching a copy of Josh’s new album. And I remember him coming down from the stage, crouching beside her and speaking with her for a minute or so. She left with a smile on her face and a signed copy of Josh’s album in her hands. That was when I knew… and every experience since then has only reinforced this fact… that Josh is a truly wonderful and gracious person, with a huge and kind heart. And all I want to do is give him a huge, huge hug.

But more on the topic of hugs later…

PS. The pictures attached are not mine, I managed to find them posted on the web (author unknown), as I have been unable to find the pictures that I took at the event... with an old fashioned (i.e. non-digital) camera, mind you.

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