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What am I up to???

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on November 9, 2009 - 8:32pm

Wow, the website looks great. Last time I put in an entry I was living in Dallas. Well now I'm living in Lawton, OK. Had quit my job and was hoping to get another, which I thought I was a shoo-in. (think the spelling may be wrong). Anyway, didn't get the job, and was unable to find another one. Well my money started to run out, and so I did what anybody else would do, maybe... I called up my Mom and asked if I could move back home to get back on my feet.

The only thing is that home was no longer in El Paso, TX but in OK. Some of the soldiers on Fort Bliss were being moved to Fort Sill, and my Dad was working on Fort Bliss as a civilian teacher. (He's retired.) Well, the job opportunity came up to move to Fort Sill, and my parents decided to go for it. The house they have is great. The only thing is the previous owner had some kind of 2nd mortguage on the house and didn't know it, and so it is taking a while for the bank to close, and let my parents say it is theirs. Not that they don't mind living for rent free for a while, but there is always that fear that something will go wrong and they will have to find another house. If that happens then the army won't move them, we will have to move ourselves. Fingers crossed that all goes well and we keep the house. My Mom loves it.

Anyway, moved here in August. By September 1st I had found a job. I still think it's kinda funny, living in big Dallas and not being able to find a job in 6 months. (Also having 2 different employment agencies helping me.) I move to a smaller city, and in 1 month I find a job. I work at Hatings in the backroom receiving inventory. It's part time, but I like it a whole lot better than my last job. Whole lot less stress.

Well, that seems to be it for now. Will probably post some pics of the animals later on. Til then.

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