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Is it true?

annalevin's picture
on December 8, 2010 - 2:31pm

Are you really here? In my country, in my hometown. Only an hour away. I must be dreaming. Please don´t wake me up. I hope I will see you tomorrow. Don´t now if I can. Don´t now if I have the courage. I´m shy, I wouldn´t know what to say to you in real life. But here are my words, this is what I really feel.

I´m forever thankful for what you´ve done for me.
You raised me up when I was at rock bottom.
You made me feel I was worth to live.
That I was important.
That I meant something.
That I meant everything...
for my children
for my husband
for my parents
for my sisters
for my friends

I want to thank you for being you
Your amazing voice - the most beutiful I have ever heard
Your music - I listen to it every day, and it makes me feel better every time
Your wonderful sence of humour - you´re hilarious
Your generous heart - you are a role model
Your warm smile - it can light up my day anyday.

I want to thank you for letting us in to your life. To be able to follow you on facebook, twitter and through FOJG is wonderful. Your relationship to your fans is really special, one of a kind. I hope you really feel that you are loved. Because you are...LOVED.

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