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Welcome package :) :)

aussiegrobanite88's picture
on November 11, 2009 - 4:57pm

So I got my FOJG membership for my 21st birthday this year, which was very, very exciting, being the first year I have been a member...I got the top level package, and was waiting eagerly to receive my welcome package - the tshirt in particular. I waited...and waited...and it never came. FOJG went offline. I was like "oh". So the other day when the new site came back online, I thought I'd chase it up. I didn't expect it to go far, and I definitely didnt expect the 5 star service I received from fan support!! Just want to say thanks to those guys, who more than made up for me not getting last year's package :)

I am a very happy Grobanite today!!! Looking forward to gettig the new package!! :)

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