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on November 21, 2010 - 3:25pm

My face is frequently up close & personal with the lovely Labia Majora.. NOT THAT way... Because it's necessary in my Profession! Great, I made it sound like I'm a Lesbian Hooker.. Umm, oops :)- I'm NOT! I'm a NURSE Midwife so anything pregnancy & labor/delivery, that's what I do.
Interestingly enough I found my face up close and personal (photo wise) when I logged in here today, you know, the 35k people are online now, one of them is YOU! It's literally a BAD "inside joke" to me, AGAIN.. Not like THAT! Good grief.
I don't have many Patients who don't know of Josh & MANY deliver screaming to his CD's :) Last night I got called in to assist on a very very difficult delivery, one I had ordered to deliver at hospital. She was hell bent on all natural & medically, there was no danger, difficulty... You bet. She finally delivered to "Bells of New York City" as the sun was starting to make an appearance, thankfully I grabbed the whole Pkg of Illuminations as I ran out the door for the hospital... LYRICS!! Forget hehehehe-hoooo, this delivery was to various songs in excusable tone deaf lyrics. Not the first time & won't be the last, but the 1st one with Illuminations :)-
A HUGE Welcome to the world little one & a well deserved great job Mommy to my Pt. :)
Childbirth normally grosses out many people, I'd love for Josh to know his voice has powers other than TSA patdowns, etc.. The grossed out thing might just kinda spoil the compliment though..

So much for my collectable folio... It's a Biohazzard NOW :( But it's worth it, both Mom & Baby are resting happy & healthy :)
I'm thinking a nap sounds good too.

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