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I'm Coming Back

BethanyHenderson's picture
on September 29, 2010 - 11:56pm

It's 11:33pm. I should be sleeping, but my circadian rhythm is forever out of wack it seems. Ever since I was a baby I've not been the most regular sleeper. I keep telling myself that some day that will change. The boys and I had a pretty good evening. Ryan did not want to eat his broccoli (I suspect it was because of his OCD), Connor continually threw tantrums about minor issues and Sean insisted on wearing a red silk tie along with a button-down shirt to play outside in the dirt.

I've been taking pictures since this afternoon, making mental notes and trying to recall 6 years of life in the matter of a few weeks. Because I'm leaving soon I've felt motivated to look back and remember it and try my best to record the history I share with this family. Every morning the boys have hot cocoa. Connor likes the color blue because it matches his eyes. Sean likes red.
When I first started working here before the twins were born, Ryan was always allowed a Tootsie Pop when I came over. I remember the first time I watched him I let him have at least three. He couldn't say my name so he called me "Bet-o-me" and I remember he used to put a ball under his shirt to emulate his mother's pregnant belly. He'd always hand me one too so I could take part.

I look back and wonder how many times have I read "Moo Baa La La La" or "Go Dog, Go". How many times have I been asked, "Bethany, do you think this is just a regular car?" when they want me to say yes and then act amazed when they change it from it's "vehicle mode" into a Transformer. I've told them my stories. Those are things I hope they remember, all of the funny stories. I hope they don't remember as often the times I got corss or lost my patience, the times I was tired and worn out. I'd like for them to remember all of the games of chasey-chasey (what is otherwise known as tag), all of the times we built pillow forts, had water balloon fights in the summer, went to the beach, snuggle parties, tickle fights, building train tracks, riding bikes. I want them to know how much joy they've brought to my life. I want them to know that despite all of the difficult times it has truly been my pleasure to be their nanny. They will always remain like my own children, forever in my heart.

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