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Boadicia's picture
on November 13, 2009 - 7:02pm

I love the new site! Lots to do! today my friend and I got our Arts and Crafts sale set up at The Warren in North Minneapolis. We have lots of stuff made by our hound owners and families and sell it to raise money for greyhound rescue. I managed to get quite a few dog coats made and they look lovely and hopefully we will sell lots of stuff. With the economy though Im afraid people are just tightening belts. Me, Ive started a part time job at an urgent care clinic which I work a couple nights a week and hopefully a couple weekends a month. Its pretty easy, receptionist, check people in. good money for part time, itll help a bit. Still struggling, still behind on my morgage, barely able to make all my monthly bills, Im hoping it wont be as painful this winter as last but who knows, still in my little house and doing as much volunteer stuff as I can. still have my job at aetna which is a godsend really. No boyfriend,its been 3 4 years now and Im thinking I should think about looking maybe, oh well, someone ll turn up, maybe! ok, gotta make another batch of haystacks for the sale tomorrow!

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