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not fostering for a bit

Boadicia's picture
on December 4, 2009 - 7:25pm

With my part time job it would be very unfair to my Angie and especially to a new foster hound right off the track for me to leave alone for as long as I have to. IM making up for it by making more coats which does help out. My job is still only on call and so far Ive only been called a couple times but hopefully itll pick up. Im guessing people dont want to loose their holiday hours/money yet. We got our first real snow this week, just a light fluffy dusting so far but in the cold again. 20s, temp wise which is typical Dec weather. best thing so far is we didnt get the mixed precip that happens some times. rain, sleet, then snow, just wrecks the roads and sidewalks! kinda sets us up for yucky winter. Pretty to watch the snow fall so softly too.

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