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Spring into Summer

Boadicia's picture
on May 15, 2010 - 7:57pm

Haven't posted in ages. Just got most of my little flower beds cleaned up and planted. My brother gave me what I needed for veggies and flowers when I went up to ND to help him in his flower shop for mothers day. They all look so nice! Only 7 tomatoes this year instead of 30, Not that Im cured, It just thats all he gave me and I cant afford more! I am still 4 months behind on my home loan and this winter, got behind on several of my other bills. It seems as long as I call them and try to pay something they all seem a bit more forgiving at this time. Ive started my part time gardening job, which is about 10 hrs a week, I still have my full time job, 40 hrs a week and still have my other partime job at the Urgent care as receptionist. Thats only 4 or 8 hrs. Not much. It just seems like the harder I work the less I have. I live a very simple life, Im sure I do. I dont smoke, or drink, or gamble, or do drugs, I have the basicest direct tv package you can get. I cant figure it out. Although tonight, after getting my little yard cleaned up, pretty plants watered, for some insane reason Im filled with hope! I think my brain knows if it gives up now, If it realizes there is no hope I will be mired drowning in dept my whole life I think Id drive off a bridge! And then where would my amazing dog be. She relys on my so much. And its that white greyhound that is also what keeps me going. her charity work at the hospital, the senior center, raising awareness and rescuing more hounds from the tracks, That must be what keeps me going. And spring bulbs coming up and flowering after a long cold dark lonely winter. And Lilacs blooming, now Lily of the Valley. Soon my zinnias will be flowering, tomatoes producing. Yeah, Its going to be a better summer. And of course, we have Joshs cd to look forward to and hopefully it wont be out til I can afford it and he wont tour til I can afford that. Ill find a way to see him at least once. to hear that voice. that voice that also gives me hope. If a man like him can exist on this planet then there is some good in the world. Yep, there sure is!

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