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on November 16, 2011 - 9:50am

I feel very guilty as I sit here typing this. I haven't been on this site for awhile. I think the excitement of the Straight To You Tour has caught all of us up in it all year and since Josh tweets and has a Facebook page, I think we got seduced to go to those places to keep up with Josh--especially Twitter, because, as we all know, Josh loves to tweet. There were certainly tweets from him once or twice a day every day during this tour because he wanted to share his enthusiasm for being on the road every time he was at a different city, country, and venue. (I was fortunate enough to see Josh in concert in Phoenix, AZ on Aug. 19, 2011 from front row seats and had something pretty amazing happen to me at that concert which has to do with Josh, but that story is for another journal entry. And--yes--I am very late with making that journal entry!). Soon we will be renewing our subscriptions for Year 8 for FOJG. Next we wait in anticipation of what Josh plans to do next now that the touring is over. Certainly he will be taking a well-deserved rest for the Holidays, but knowing him, he will probably not slow down completely, but will likely make guest appearances on TV talk shows over the Holiday Season itself. Josh did say he wants to make an new album after the Holidays, so I think that's what his first priority will be. Of course, I can't read his mind, but he said he didn't want to wait again as long as he did before making the Illuminations album to make another album. Also, he has done some acting in movies and TV so we will have to see where he is going to go with that. Who knows what Josh will be up to for sure in 2012--but we'll certainly go along for the ride! Oh--and if anyone can stop 2012 from being the end of the world--it will be JOSH!!!!

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