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on January 6, 2010 - 5:59pm

I am a published poet so thought I would share one of my poems with you all. This is one of my personal, intimate "darker" pieces, I admit, but I hope you come away with something from reading it. It's titled, "Out In The Cold".

Andi Imlej =^..^=


Alone and frozen,
Thrown out in the cold,
What did I do,
To warrant this behavior,
Can no one save me,
It's such a crime,
When your family,
Wants you to do time,
For just existing,
Is no one listening?
No one ever did when I was a kid,
How horrible to feel so invisible,
At such a young age,
But I was saved,
By this beloved creativity,
That hides inside of me,
And only a few are allowed to see,
When we are given such gifts,
Why do we have to suffer for it,
But I'm a survivor,
I've carried on as I always have,
And taken the good with the bad,
My family doesn't exist for me,
I've accepted my destiny.

COPYRIGHT 2010 Andi Imlej

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