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There Are Some Very Sick People on this website & FOJG!

catwizard's picture
on June 12, 2013 - 11:41am

I admit that I have never been a person who goes on the Message Boards nor writes many comments under postings by JGSarah nor anyone else's postings on this website/FOJG, but some of the comments and journal entries I have read on here are very delusional. I mean people are writing things to Josh about themselves that are personal and they write things to him as if he knows them personally--that is a very scary thing. I'm sure Josh has amped up his security guard number because of weird people like that, which is too bad. It puts restrictions on Josh going places alone like the normal person that he really is should be able to go alone. It means he has to have security guards 24/7. People who write delusional things display mental health issues which could lead to stalking behavior. I am a Certified Mental Health Nurse so when people display mentally ill behavior, I am trained to identify it. I, myself, am getting scared just reading some of this weird stuff! I think that JGSarah, whoever you are, should be deciding what is appropriate and what is inappropriate to be posted on Josh's website and FOJG. To let people write crazy things and let those things be posted is encouraging them to continue that inappropriate behavior and escalate it, as I said before, into stalking behavior. I have been a fan of Josh's for many years now and this year has been the first time I have ever seen so many crazy postings on here.

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